How To FINALLY Get Rid Of The Toilet Bowl Ring

We had a problem that drove me nuts. We had rings. Toilet bowl rings that wouldn’t go away. Now before you go thinking that I don’t clean my toilets, please think better of me. We regularly clean our toilets. Furthermore, I have tried a series of things to clean these rings but nothing touches them. After becoming more and more frustrated by our rings, I was desperate (and totally disgusted, it was embarrassingly gross). Finally I found a solution that worked, and I am shouting the news from the roof tops. Because it worked for me this post includes affiliate links to help support this website.

Here’s the story. We have three toilets: one is pristine clean, one has a small ring issue and the third is my nemesis. Our house is seven years old, and for the first 4-5 years the toilet near my daughter’s room was rarely used. It basically just sat. The toilet near the guest room got some use, and the toilet in our master got regular use. Since those with the least use are the bowls with the issue, I am lead to believe this is a hard water issue. (Which I know we have.)

Alright, so here’s what I have tried…

  1. Cleaning it with toilet bowl cleaner (many brands with false promises)
  2. Cleaning it with toilet bowl cleaner with bleach (more brands, more false promises)
  3. Cleaning the bowl with multiple other brands of cleaners not intended for toilets…
  4. Those flushing tablet things – I can’t stand the blue water and chemical/bleach smell every time I flush
  5. Scrubbing the bowl with baking soda
  6. Scrubbing the bowl with Borax (a suggestion from a friend)
  7. Pouring cans of Coke in the bowl (also a friendly suggestion – the acid is supposed to dissolve the ring)
  8. And on and on… I promise I tried everything I could think of…

Then, one day my husband saw a product. The Pumie. I wasn’t hopeful, but for less than $10 it was worth a shot. I had tried everything else. I seriously thought I was going to have to buy a new toilet to get rid of the rings (not that I would find new toilet money in my budget, but I really thought there was no hope).

So The Pumie arrives… This unassuming pumice stone on a stick is my new best friend. No exaggeration necessary. Those rings that I have lived with for years were gone in five minutes.  Five minutes, two toilets, pristine once more. Even the lovely ladies and gentleman who have reviewed this product on Amazon sing its high praises (with a few negative nellies as always).

No longer do I feel ashamed when guest use my potty. No unsightly rings. The Pumie works, and I am a customer for life!

If you have toilet bowl rings, you need The Pumie. You will thank me later.

And now for the visual proof…

Pumie Before & After

And yes, for the record, the before picture was taken after being cleaned with my normal cleaner.


  1. I came across this page by searching on google how to get rid of toilet bowl rings.I tried using Coke,didn’t work.Had this generic dollar store bathroom cleaner with bleach and it got a lot of the ring off but you can still slightly see the ring.We moved into my sister’s house and she’s been gone for about 2 yrs before that so the toilet wasn’t getting used and left the ring.I’m going to try that pumice you guys are all talking about.If worse comes to worse I will just use fine grit sandpaper.I been thinking of trying it already anyways.Thanks everyone for all the tips and info.Definitely helped me.

  2. Jean Hollander says:

    I do not wish to start a blog, but as a 72 yr old I want to share a secret of my own. My mother used to keep all the wet shoes and boots on the cold porch of Min. Many years passed and I too do it not only with boots and shoes but pillows, blankets etc. The colder it is the better this works against any stinky shoes and ND and do so completely freshens the comforters, blankets and pillows. I have a s
    garage and an enclosed porch. No one ever had stinky feet or athletes foot. The cold temperatures kill everything that survives on warm damp items. Bedbugs, and other critters that may harass cannot live in that cold enviornment. If you live in hot climates, put it in plastic bags and put them in freezer. Grandma from Europe used the cold weather to clean things, she had no running water, no soap.It works for 3 generations of mothers in my family and probably longer. Save $ on disinfectant for shoes and feet. Old ways are still good ways.😆

  3. Barkeeper’s Friend works good too.

  4. I’ve used a pumise stone & it does work however, careful lady’s it will scratch. That is why I wanted to comment. After your ring is gone wax the inside of your toilet. That’s right wax it! Use car wax. It will stay ring free for months. I’m going on 6 months since I waxed my toilet & still no ring!

    • In order to wax the toilet would you have to drain all the water from it first? I would imagine so.

    • wow thank you for that, i was wondering about the scratching

      • I have actually never had a problem with scratching. HOWEVER, you must get a soft pumice stone made for the toilet. If you use the type of pumice stone intended for your feet, it will defiantly scratch. The Pumie is a soft pumice that wears down quickly and has never scratched my toilets. :)

  5. Horace Palmer says:

    Just a couple of bucks at WalMart. And yes, this works better than anything else.

  6. I clean houses for a living, so I regularly clean 4 to 6 toilets a day… I used the pumie and loved it except that it was like fingernails on a chalkboard for me… so I was searching for something else… I came across a post about drywall sandpaper.. I now use that and all the toilets I clean are ring free…It looks like window screen. I get the medium and just tear off whatever size piece I need…

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