Netbooks – Wife APPROVED!

Dad’s hobby is tech gadgets. Some of these gadgets make our life easier, some I think are just in the way (even if he still loves them).

For all those Moms out there who are looking for a good tech gift for Dad, check out these “Wife Approved” articles writen by my hubby! (Or send the link to your hubby for something he might be interested in.)

If you have been looking for a new portable computer, or have been reading anything about computers during the past year, you’ve probably heard of a new class of computers dubbed netbooks.

Netbooks are generally very small, light weight, inexpensive and energy-efficient portable computers targeted to be used for online activities such as browsing the Internet, checking email and instant messaging. They are not intended to replace your desktop computer due to their low-power processor, but can make a great second, portable computer. They can certainly handle most basic tasks, including word processing, but most users will not want to spend their days typing of them due to their small screen and reduced keyboard size.

Most major computer manufacturers currently offer a netbook in their lineup. This includes HP, Dell, Lenovo, MSI, Acer and ASUS. When you look at the different offerings from these manufacturers, you’ll notice they all have similar components. They almost all use the Intel® Atom™ processor, have a 8.9-10.2” screen, weigh 2-3 lbs, 3-cell battery, 512 MB to 1GB of memory, integrated Wi-Fi and a 80GB hard drive. Different models include options such as SSDs (Solid State Disks) to replace traditional hard drives, media card readers, Bluetooth, integrated web cams and larger 6-cell batteries. You also have a choice of operating systems on different models. Windows XP® Home has become a standard offering on most, while a custom Linux version is also offered to keep the cost down.

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