Is worth the price tag?

Print your postage from home! No driving to the PO and waiting in long lines!

It sounds great, but there is a catch… A costly catch!

I love eBay, and we sell a decent number of items, so over the years we have gotten used to trips to the post office. Most of the time we avoid the PO by purchasing postage through PayPal and shipping it from the house, but the PayPal system is flawed – you can’t do first-class mail plus you really need a postage scale (which we have yet to get).

So, when I got a CD in the mail with a tempting offer from (for about the one-hundredth time), I decided it was time to check it out. While it is a slick program that is very user friendly, its customer support left me frustrated and missing one of the key offers I wanted to check out!

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