Protected: Girl Scout Cookie Thank You Notes 2023

Thank you for your interest in my Girl Scout Cookie Thank You Notes. I originally designed these in 2015 for use in my Troop and later added them to my site on a whim. Since then, thousands of leaders, cookie chairs and parents have downloaded them to help with their Girl Scouts’ cookie sales. (Always for free!)

Please note, I decided not to include Raspberry Rally on the cookie Thank You Note. I designed these to be used as a thank you and as a way to help parents keep track of order bundles. Since no one will have Raspberry Rally cookies on hand, I didn’t see the need. BUT if a bunch of people email me back and say, we need Raspberry Rally I’ll see what I can do 😉

I updated ABC cookies this year to reflect that Shortbread are now called Trefoils.

If anyone would like to support my daughters’ cookie sales, here is their link. We are ABC and have immediate delivery of Raspberry Rally cookies plus Lemonades! (And 50% shipping for 9-12 cookies.) My three daughters have a combined goal, selling together, to earn a ticket to Convention. Even 1 donation box will help them get closer to their goal! Thank you!

Click the links below to download the Cookie Thank You notes of your choice.

Tip – I print one sheet per girl for our cookie meeting. Each girl designs the top of two thank-you notes. Back home, I scan the sheet and email it to parents. Parents can print as many copies as they need to attach to their cookie orders.

Happy cookie season!

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