Natural Pet Odor Remover – Skout’s Honor Review

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My dogs are just about the cutest dogs ever. (And I am 100% biased!) But those cute little faces make stinky messes. They are getting older, 12 and 11 years old, and they have occasional accidents. Unfortunately for me, their bathroom of choice is my office. Ick! I recently discovered a natural pet odor remover and I am excited to share my Skout’s Honor review.

Natural Pet Odor Remover

The problem with most other pet odor removers is that sometimes the remover smells as bad as the original smell. The rug in my office stinks. It has been peed on a couple of times, and it has been treated with a couple of different pet odor removers. But it still smells! Not like urine, but like chemicals. In fact, while I was pregnant I refused to clean up any dog pee (other than wiping it away) because I couldn’t stand the chemically smell of clean up. 

Not any more.

Skouts Honor Review

Natural Pet Odor Remover

Notice I said, “most.” Unlike other products, Skout’s Honor is a plant-based, all natural pet odor remover. No harsh chemicals, and it doesn’t stink! It has a very light, fresh scent. It’s more like a natural laundry detergent smell than a pet cleaner.

Instead of masking the urine smell with chemicals, Skout’s Honor uses a fancy vegetable-based cleaning agent to break down the smell. From Skout’s Honor’s website:

Technically, it is a surfactant (or surface tension reducer) and works by saturating and absorbing the stain through osmosis, then breaking it down. The process makes it easy to remove even the most stubborn stain from any water-safe surface quickly, efficiently and safely with no toxic residue. 

So does it work? Yes. 

I am happy to report that my office no longer smells. Not only did the Skout’s Honor Odor Remover take away any remaining dog urine smell, but it also tackled the chemical smell left behind from the last cleaner I used.

Out in our family room, one of my sweet pups decided to leave me a surprise — just to test my new product, I think. Skout’s Honor Stain and Odor Remover tackled the clean up with ease. 

Toy Yorkie Dogs

Since we have a new baby in the house, who will be crawling in the next six months or so, heavy chemicals on the floor are not an option. So Skout’s Honor is the perfect solution to clean up my pets messes while staying away from harsh chemicals. 

And Skout’s Honor products are not just for pet odors. The products can be used to clean up other icky smells and messes. In fact, the Stain and Odor Remover claims to tackle wine stains. And the products can be used to eliminate kid messes too. Urine Destroyer, another Skout Honor’s product, can be used as a laundry additive for kids who wet the bed. I am excited to use the Odor Remover to also keep the diaper pail smelling fresh. 

Skout’s Honor natural pet odor removers are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Bio degradable
  • Bio renewable
  • Cruelty free
  • Non Toxic

Another part of Skout’s Honor commitment to being a sustainable company is its pledge to give back. For every Skout’s Honor purchase, the company feeds an animal in need through a partnership with 

Are you ready to tackle your pet messes with a natural pet odor remover? Find out where to buy Skout’s Honor in store and online.

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  1. I had no idea that our dog was using an area on the carpet in my homes lower level as his “pee spot”
    I tried all kinds of removers and rented a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner made the problem area smell even worse. I bought Skouts Honor and it removed all of the odor. I am so pleased with this product!


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