5 Tips For A Fun, Unplugged Family Game Night

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Technology is both a blessing and a curse. While it allows me to work from home, it also creates an environment where I am tethered to my phone, which is ironic because the reason I do this job is to spend time with my family. So I constantly have to remind myself to put down the phone and be in the moment. One of my family’s favorite ways to unplug and have a few laughs is family game night.

For us family game night is a chance to unplug from technology, connect with each other and have a few laughs. It isn’t about who wins or looses, it is always about the moments of the game. 

Family Game Night Popcorn

Family Game Night Tips

Unplug – The number one rule for our Family Game Night is no electronics. It is so tempting to bring your phone to the table – just in case you need it. But you don’t, family game night and the people in front of you are all you need. Resist temptation and put it away. The goal of family game night is to bond with your family, and you can’t do that unless everyone is focused on being in the moment. 

Popcorn Family Game Night
Take It Outside – A little fresh air is a great way to change up the ordinary routine, so when the weather is nice take your family game night outside. My girls beg to do anything on the porch so taking family game night outside is a special treat that adds to the fun factor. As an added bonus taking family game night outside provides distance between you and your electronics. 

Snack Time – Family game night is even better with a snack, and JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is a fun snack for the whole family. With several flavors and varieties available, you’ll find a favorite snack for everyone. In my house the kids love Butter Blasted pop corn, while my husband and I are fans of the Healthy Pop Kettle Corn. 

Games For All – It can be a challenge to play games with kids of different ages. The key is to select several games with a variety skill levels. We play some that are too easy for my oldest and some that are a bit too hard for my youngest. Because we always play several games, everyone has a chance to win. Classics like Candy Land are perfect for any age, and even my three year old gets excited about Headbandz — even if she does spill the beans more often than not. 

Family Game Night
Be Silly – Family Game Night should be filled with lots of laughter. In my house that means we never take ourselves too seriously. Disney Headbandz aren’t the only silly accessory that we don during game night. Another family favorite is Pretty Pretty Princess, if you aren’t familiar with the game, everyone earns and wears pretty plastic jewelry. The sign of a great family game night in our house is the presence of laughter.

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