10 Free Children’s Kindle eBooks April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!!! While today is the day we celebrate the planet and really think about ways we can help reduce our carbon footprint, it is important to remember that in order to take care of the planet we should treat every day as Earth Day. We need to reduce, reuse and recycle 365 days of the year. 

That’s why today I included a bonus free kids Kindle book – Everyday is Earth Day – Science,Technology, Engineering and Math (Ages 3 – 8). Check it out and together we can help teach our kids to respect the planet all year long.

eBooks don’t have to be expensive – they can be free! Everyday Amazon offers a selection of Kindle books for free for both adults and children. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read these free books. Just download the free reading app and you can read from any smartphone, computer or tablet.

I am surprised by how many children’s e-books we can get for free on the Kindle, so each day I am going to share a new list of 10 free ebooks for kids

Free Kids Kindle Books April 22

  1. The Tambourine Queen: Moving Home (first grade picture books)
  2. Nudibranchs & Sea Slugs! Kids Book About Colorful Marine Life: Fun Animal Picture Book for Kids with Interesting Facts & Wildlife Photos (God’s Amazing Creation Series)
  3. Children’s eBook: Betty’s Dream Party (bedtime stories collection) (Great Book For Kids) (Children’s Books Collection)
  4. Children’s Book: Michael the Grumpy Little Boy (Values book collection) (Great Books For Kids) (Children’s Books Collection)
  5. The Runaway Singing Horse: Children’s Picture Book
  6. Danny and the Great Beast (Fun Rhyming Children’s Books)
  7. Don’t Mind the Monsters – A Monsterly Rhyming Adventure
  8. Mind Hurdles: Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United States (Interactive Quiz Book)
  9. Tip of the Toes (A Ballerina Story) (Fun Rhyming Children’s Books)
  10. A Look at our Solar System: Kids Picture book about Space

Sometimes these books are only free for the day, sometimes the freebie lasts for a few days. You can check out previous lists of free books to see if any are still free. 

More daily deals on Kindle books.

Please note, Amazon can change the price at any moment. So be sure to check the price before you buy. 

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