Give A Bitty Baby Christmas From American Girl

TSM-PPWhen we welcomed baby girl, we wanted big sister feel extra special. So she got her very own baby — a Bitty Baby — from her sister in the hospital. Fast forward a year later, and that Bitty Baby found herself being loved on by two girls especially baby sister. 

Baby sister is baby doll obsessed, so to keep the peace we decided she needs her very own Bitty Baby for Christmas. (Shhhhh.) 

When I visited the Chicago American Girl store this summer (my first American Girl store visit ever), I learned about the expanded Bitty Baby line. Oh my goodness, I wanted it all for my girls. All kinds of adorable just right for my baby-doll loving girls.

My favorite part of the expanded line is the introduction of the Bitty Baby book series. I have always loved that American Girls come with a story, it helps build a world for girls to make believe — plus it encourages reading. But until this year, Bitty Babies didn’t have a story. 

Now Bitty Baby has five stories: Princess Bitty Baby, Bitty Baby the Brave, Bitty Baby at the Ballet, Bitty Baby Loves the Snow and Bitty Baby and Me. (With more titles planned for 2014.)

Bitty Baby Books

Since my girls devour books, I can’t wait to sit down and read these books with them while they each hold their Bitty Babies tucked under their arms. (Cute visual, right?!) 

The illustrations are beautiful and the stories cute (the ballerina is my favorite), plus each book includes thought starters at the end of the book to help parents talk to their children about the story. 

Another part of the expanded line includes more clothing for the Bitty Babies. And I have decided to get over my anti-doll-baby-clothing rule. In my house baby doll clothing means mommy changing babies clothes all day long, and I have never been a fan. BUT I can’t get over the cuteness or the excitement of my toddler over changing her babies clothes. 

From casual outfits and jammies to a bathing suit and fancy holiday frocks — now little girls can dress their babies as cute as mommy dresses them. 

Bitty Baby Ballet Costume

Oh and speaking of Bitty Babies, did you know that there are now 11 Bitty Babies to select from with various hair, eye and skin tones. So you can get a Bitty Baby who resembles your own bitty baby.

Buy It: Bitty Baby books and clothing are available from Tip – Order by December 20 for Christmas delivery. The Bitty Baby Books are also available on Amazon.

Great Gift For: Little girls who love their baby dolls! Even if your little one doesn’t own a Bitty Baby doll, the books stand alone. But fair warning, the books could end up being a gateway into the world of American Girl. 

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  1. After two beautiful boys, I will be having a little girl in Feb. These would be wonderful for her. Thanks for the idea!

  2. American dolls are beautiful dolls and all the nieces and great grand daughter wants them. Books are a big thing at Grandma’s house I enjoy reading books to them all the time. They look really great for the girls.


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