Add A Little Drop Of Flavor To Summer

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What’s new in staying cool this summer? Liquid Enhancers.


Yeah, I had the same reaction when I first heard of them. But they are basically a liquid form of your favorite drink mixes. Think Crystal Light and Kool-Aid for the 21st Century. 

Just a few of drops of your flavor choice in a cool glass of water, and you have a refreshing drink. The perfect way to beat the summer heat. Easy to use, non-messy and the same flavors you have always loved from your favorite brands.

The best part is, you control the flavor. Feeling bold, add more flavor. Need just a light taste, less flavor more water. It’s up to you. Each bottle contains enough to flavor 24 eight oz glasses of water – medium flavor. 

You’ve probably seen them in the grocery store, and now they are also available at Sam’s Club. 

  • Kool-Aid comes in a three-pack with cherry, grape and tropical punch
  • Crystal Light comes in three-pack with iced tea, blueberry/raspberry and strawberry/lemonade

Crystal Light Kool-Aid Liquid

Did I mention that they are 0 calorie?

Think about how much flavor you could add to a traditional lemonade stand. With one variety pack of each Kool-Aid and Crystal Light from Sam’s Club, your kiddos would be armed with six flavor options for their customers. Instead of mixing up lemonade by the pitcher,  pour an ice-cold glass of water and mix in the flavor right there for each patron. Now that’s a fancy lemonade stand! 

Having a summer bash? Instead of stocking up on gallons of everyone’s favorite drinks, serve water and allow guests to add their own flavor. It’s economical, and you won’t get stuck with all the leftover drinks to store. 

This summer, beat the heat and stay hydrated with a little extra liquid flavor.

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