One Pair Of Shorts, Three Looks With Gymboree

This post is brought to you by Gymboree, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

With two little girls to outfit (for every possible occasion), I shop for kids clothes a lot. They are just so darn cute. My wallet’s saving grace is that I have two girls, which means nearly everything is worn by both girls. (Of course, I have been known to buy baby girl her own clothes too. Oiy!)

My favorite brand of kids clothes is, without question, Gymboree. Super cute clothes with tons of coordinating pieces, yes please! Not to mention that they are made to last. That means when big girl is done with them, I can store them away until baby girl is ready for them. Instant wardrobe.

Shopping for spring looks for my big girl this year has a new requirement – next year’s school dress code. (After all, this is FL we wear our spring wardrobe year ’round.)

I am conservative when it comes to selecting clothing for my girls, and suddenly K has reached the age (5) when many clothing brands border on too mature for small children. They are kids, their clothes should be cute, colorful, an age-appropriate. At Gymboree I can always find age-appropriate clothing (up to a size 12).

My biggest challenge are shorts. K grew four inches last school year, and I am pretty sure most of those inches were in her legs. Her school has a rule that shorts have to be longer than your finger tips (when hands are at their side) — ummmm, most of K’s shorts are not long enough. So this spring I am stocking up on Bermuda shorts and coordinating outfits.

Gymboree Surf Adventure – Embroidered Flower Patchwork Bermuda Short & Button Corsage Flower Gauze Top

Gymboree Surf Adventure

Gymboree Surf Adventure – Embroidered Flower Patchwork Bermuda Short & Gem Glitter Turtle Tee

Gymboree Surf Adventure Pink

Gymboree Surf Adventure – Embroidered Flower Patchwork Bermuda Short & Tropical 3-D Flower Lei Tee

Gymboree Surf Adventure Purple

Another reason to love Gymboree, sales! I found this top from Blooming Nautical on clearance. While it won’t match the shorts, with its three-quarter sleeves it is perfect for a FL fall paired with a pair of jeans.

Gymboree Poppy

I  saved the best for last. Some times it is about more than coordinating one kid. It is about coordinating a whole family. Although K is almost out of the 5T, I was able to squeeze in one last matching big sister / little sister outfits from the Rainbow Cabana line for our family photos at Disney.

The Suburban Mom Family Disney Pictures

I can always find something my girls need at Gymboree. Cute, colorful, conservative and stylish – plus with mix-and-match pieces I can easily create multiple looks. And, of course, everything you see here will be worn by baby sister too — in approximately three years.

8 thoughts on “One Pair Of Shorts, Three Looks With Gymboree”

  1. I agree with you! Although my DD is only 1 I worry about the clothing I am seeing on racks for girls! I love the Bermuda short look! PERFECT for little girls!!!

  2. Oh how I miss Gymboree! Now it’s all Justice. That first outfit is the cutest, but they are all pretty darn cute.

  3. Gymboree is the BEST! I am so lucky we have an outlet nearby – it makes their fabulous clothes even better.
    Your daughter is adorable – she makes a great model!


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