Motherhood: The Best Job In The World

My favorite time of day is the moment right after nap time. It is in those precious snuggly minutes that I get a special glimpse into my daughter’s mind. Whether she is talking about her great love for Octonauts, a story about something that happened at school or telling me her grand plan for the afternoon, it amazes me to listen and in that moment be completely part of her world. My heart swells, and for a little while everything else melts away. For a few minutes, there is nothing else.

She is funny, she is inquisitive and she is amazing. Oh how I love her.

If only I could bottle those moments and make them last forever. Alas, these special chats are already fading. At five years old, she is finally giving up a daily nap. (Yes she still naps, but not for long.) I don’t know why she is her chattiest right after nap, but it is the only time she opens up like that. It is the only time she will just lay with me and talk. No matter how the rest of the day has gone, I can always count on our post-nap conversations to make me smile and remember why being her mom is the best job in the whole world.

The Suburban Mom daughter

During one of our chats this week, K announced that this weekend was Mother’s Day. And, she informed me, “That is a special day for moms, and when it is Mother’s Day you get to do anything you want to for the whole day.” Of course the next question was, “So Mom, what do you want to do?”

She had plenty of suggestions for me, lunch at Chick-fil-A, go to Disney, etc. But she was adamant that it was my decision.

This weekend we set aside a day to celebrate moms. It is a nice gesture to be recognized, but isn’t it really all about our kids. According to K I could do anything I wanted on Mother’s Day, but there is only one thing I want – to spend my day with my family doing the job I love best — being a mom.

This new video ad “For All You Love” from J&J is filled with images about all of those tiny moments that fill our lives with love. From snuggle time to bath time, from laughter to hugs this weekend we celebrate all of the little moments that make up motherhood. Check out the video:


Show Your Support Of Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day!

This post is brought to you by J&J and The Motherhood, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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