How Active Should Your Kids Be?

Is there any end to the things we moms worry about? I really don’t think so! This summer as we have attempted to balance summer fun while equally avoiding the summer heat and rain storms, I find myself questioning if K is getting enough activity. You know, really get your body moving and your heart pumping activity. With a little girl who would rather sit and read a book than ride a bike, it can be a challenge.

I was recently asked to guest post on Jen and Barb, Mom Life about ways to make sure that your kids are getting enough daily. In my post What Do You Do to Increase Your Kids Daily Activity? I share some easy tips that help our family to get moving. Since we aren’t naturally a super active family, I promise my tips are simple! I hope you will take a moment to check them out and share with me your tips too.

Before you go… If you want to learn more about how much activity your kids should get every day, check out this video where Jen and Barb interview Karen Owoc, Exercise Physiologist, TV and Radio host and Mom about kids and the importance of daily activity.

Disclosure – I received compensation for my guest post on Jen and Barb, Mom Life.

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