Family Vacations Leave Lasting Memories

I grew up with a love for travel. From a young age, my parents instilled in me the travel bug. It was equally instilled in them by their parents. Guess what I hope to do… That’s right instill the love of the open road in my girls.

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I truly believe that an appreciation for the world we live in can be instilled and nurtured by living in the world and that includes visiting beautiful places outside your own backyard. Of course, with two little girls we haven’t done much traveling yet. But I am already dreaming of trips out west to visit the national parks and up north the mountains to see the leaves change colors in the fall. (Yeah, we don’t get the changing of colors down here. It’s a bummer.)

When it comes to planning a family vacation, I can assure you that I will seek out was to save on our trip so we maximize our fun while sticking to a budget. (That sounds like a family slogan to me.) One place I have never been, and is high on my list to visit, is Texas. I’ve never been to Texas.

When it comes to planning a vacay, the first place I turn is the Internet. With websites like SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience, families get ideas of things to do and find discounts on the hottest attractions restaurants and hotels in the area all in one location.

Dreaming of a family vacation, I put together a sample dream itinerary using only locations that offer deals:

  • San Antonio Children’s Museum (20% off $8 admission)
  • Splashtown with Dive in Movies ($7 off admission)
  • Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch ($2 off admission)
  • Natural Bridge Caverns ($2 off admission)
  • Grand Trolley Tours ($3 off ticket)
  • San Antonio Zoo ($2 off admission)

Rhinoceros Birthday Cake Central Florida Zoo

For a family of four, those savings add up to more than $70 in savings. Then you throw in a Limited Time Offers for the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, and you can really save. Which, when it comes to a family trip, really just means we can add another fun activity to our plan.

For now I am still dreaming about our first “real” family vacation, but when it comes time to plan that all-important trip I will search for savings online. A much more effective way to search then the way my mom once planned trips with piles and piles of travel books for each vacation. You can get updates on the most recent deals on Twitter! (If you are planning a trip to San Antonio, follow @SAVEinSA.)

Happy Travels.

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  1. Thanks goodness for the internet – we are so lucky to be able to take advantage of deals for travel, food and much more (unlike when I was a kid – our poor mothers!).

    I hope you get to take your trip soon 🙂


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