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As we head into the holiday season, many of us will spend a lot more time on the road with our families shopping and traveling. So gearing up for all the extra road time, it is important to double-check our car maintenance to ensure the safety of our family. Among the things we should check on, our tires.

Cooper Tires wants everyone to know how important it is to perform regular (monthly) tire maintenance inspections to ensure tires are properly inflated, have plenty of tread left, and are free of bald spots. (Improper tire maintenance leads to an estimated 600 traffic fatalities per year.) To help you perform these monthly tire checks, Cooper Tires is giving away 25 Road Trip Ready Kits ($40 value) on the Cooper Tire Facebook page from November 11-25. The kits include a flashlight, two D batteries, tire inflator/sealer, distress flag, cloth gloves, safety vest, siphon hose, booster cables, first aid kit and manual.

Cooper Tires

In the coming weeks, I will share with you tips for performing tire maintenance checks including a video so you can see how these checks should be performed. So stay tuned.

Disclosure – A promotional product was provided for my consideration in sharing this information, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. my husband just started a new job after a long long time of unemployment and we only have one vehicle due to financial strain. Vehicle maintenance has been critical for us to get to And from work and of course to visit all of our family & friends during the holiday season!

  2. running to the hospital a lot to see our little itty bitty…a new grandson born 11 weeks early. He MIGHT get home for Christmas or New Years if all goes well. (prayer whispered). actually, this would be something I’d give the parents as their cars are acting up and borrowing ours now.


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