With Direct Buy, Membership = Savings

Furnishing a house (or even just a room) is a daunting task. You want to get the right look, the right price and the right quality all at the same time. That often means searching high and low at stores all over town. Direct Buy takes the guess work out of searching all over town by offering its members access to hundreds of top brands in one location at prices below retail.

Direct Buy membership offers low prices by cutting out the middleman. This means those who shop at Direct Buy are able to purchase directly from the dealer, reaping the benefits of paying dealer prices for the same great brands found in other stores marked up to retail prices. While there is a fee for Direct Buy membership and access to the dealer prices, the fee is offset by the savings members enjoy when purchasing things for their home.

Whether you are redecorating or renovating, Direct Buy offers tons of options for your home projects including furniture, home decor, flooring, lighting, appliances, electronics, exercise equipment, outdoor furniture and even decor and furniture for kids. Everything you need for your home, all in one place — all at dealer prices.

Direct Buy

Another benefit to Direct Buy membership is access to professional design consultants who help members weed through all of the options to select the right look for their home at the Direct Buy cost.

Becoming a Direct Buy member is easy. With locations throughout the US and Canada, those interested in learning more can sign up online for a free visitors pass to check out a nearby club to see if membership is right for them.

By reading Direct Buy reviews, you can see that people all over the country enjoy shopping at the Direct Buy cost.

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  1. How much did you get from direct buy? As member all are scam. You will get better price in some place. Did you missed the shipping and handling fee.


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