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When was the last time you went to a movie where the audience actually cheered out loud mid-way through the movie? Better yet, they cheered after a robot fight. It really happened when I saw a sneak preview of Real Steel Wednesday night, and while I can’t guarantee the audience will cheer out loud when you see it, you will cheer on the inside.

I went into Real Steel not really knowing what to expect. We all joked that it looks like a movie about Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots (it does!), but I wasn’t sure how “into” the movie I would be. Nonetheless, a friend who went to a very early preview (even earlier than mine) said it was great, so I went it with an open mind. Besides, it stars Hugh Jackman!

Well, I am here to tell you — it is a really good movie!

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Alright, so it is based around robot fighting, but that isn’t the heart of the movie. The heart of the movie is a story about a guy who has (seriously) lost his way, and through being reunited with his son (whom he abandoned at birth) he finds his way back and becomes the kind of dad a kid can be proud of. A heartwarming story with a does of reality mixed in with the crazy robot action. Somehow it works, and works well.

Now, it is being billed as a family-friendly movie. On that point, I have to caution parents. Family-friendly… depends on the age of your family. Most of the violence, is robot related (robot vs robot), but there is a scene where Hugh gets beat up in front of his kid. Plus, there is definitely some language throughout the film, although I wouldn’t say an over use – it fits with the story. Certainly, there were some small children in the audience, but I would personally say for the good for tweens and up. If you  have a kiddo on the cusp of being a tween, then you know your kid better than I do, so you will have to make the call. But I think it is too much for the young ones. (My 12 year old nephew on the other hand would LOVE this movie.)

The only other thing I really didn’t like about the film was a scene early in the movie where one of the robots fights a bull. I am not some crazy animal activist, and I am sure it was all CGI so the bull was fine, but it made me wince to see the bull tossed around.

Other than that – great movie, and I definitely recommend checking it out.


Real Steel

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