Girls Night Out With Chevy ~ $20 Gas Card & $10 Starbucks Giveaway

It isn’t often that I leave the family behind and head out for a girl’s night out, but that’s just what I did when Chevy and GM in the Southeast invited me to join 9 other bloggers for a girls night out. A little pampering, driving Chevy’s hottest cars and food — I was all in.

The evening began at J. Bauman Salon where we were treated to manis, pedis or a blowout. As I type, I am still enjoying my pink fingernails. (By the way, the moment my daughter noticed my fingers the next day, guess who needed her nails painted too!) After getting beautified, we abandoned our own vehicles at the spa and traded up for Chevy rides! The lady bloggers happily hopped into a Hybrid Chevy Tahoe, a Camero and a Chevy Volt.

Without hesitation, I took the wheel in the Volt with passengers Amanda from Disney Every Day as my navigator/music director and Suzannah from Zannaland riding in the back. (Suzannah assured me she felt safe with the pregnant lady riding since I was carrying the precious cargo.)

I was excited to check out Chevy’s new electric car, and even more excited to give it a test drive (especially since it isn’t even available at dealerships in Florida). Other than the fancy, futuristic looking dash, inside the Volt the car looks and feels like a normal (nice) car with plenty of room for all of its passengers. The Chevy Volt handles nicely and boasts 93 miles to the gallon, when driving on battery around town mostly going under 35 miles per hour. Impressive. Oh, and here’s a tidbit for you. Did you know the battery for the Volt is located in the roof? Really.

Our destination in our hot rides was to CRAVE where we enjoyed dinner. It was great getting to know some of the other bloggers from the area. In addition to my passengers, the other gals on our adventure were Leigh from Theme Park Mom, Elizabeth from 20something Saver, Jennifer from My Sentiment ExactLee (writer), Jennifer from Double Duty Mommy, Suz from Not Your Typical Mommy, Becca from Mama B and LeeAnn from The Life of Rylie.

Throughout the night, there was a bit of a contest going on… While we Tweeted about the evenings events, we were also trying to be funny as the funniest Tweets would win a prize pack. Between my cell phone dying and not considering myself a very funny gal – I had to really work at it, but I was super excited to be announced one of the winners! My Tweet – “I just got electric in the Chevy Volt with #chevymoms.”

Here’s the really good news — not only did I win an awesome prize basket, but I won a second to giveaway here! 🙂

At the end of dinner, I traded my Volt keys for keys to the Hybrid Chevy Tahoe. (Apparently, I was one of the few excited to drive.) I was a little nervous that the Tahoe would be too big for me, and the shifter on the steering wheel definitely felt truck-like to me, but it actually handled very comfortably. I quite enjoyed driving Chevy’s green vehicles!

A good time was had by all, thanks the GM in the Southeast for treating us moms to a fun Girls Night Out.

And now for the giveaway fun.

Giveaway – The goodie bag from Chevy is ready for summer travel, and it includes the super cute tote, a neck pillow, socks, a sleep mask, snacks, an insulated cup, a car kit (flashlight, pen & tire gauge) and, of course, gas for your tank – a $10 Starbucks gift card, and gas for your car – a $20 7-Eleven gift card.

To enter – Please use the Rafflecopter form below to take advantage of your entry opportunities. This is a new giveaway format, and I think you will really like it. (I’d love your feedback too.)

MANDATORY ENTRY MUST BE LEFT AS COMMENT ON BLOG POST BELOW – then you can check off in Rafflecopter that you did it. Otherwise, all other entries will be invalid. (Click instructions for what to comment about.)

Disclosure – GM in the Southeast provided the awesome prize for you, and I won one too! 

98 thoughts on “Girls Night Out With Chevy ~ $20 Gas Card & $10 Starbucks Giveaway”

  1. I didn’t even know there was a Hybrid Tahoe! I will be in the market for a big vehicle in a year and I’m going to look into the Tahoe.

  2. The Corvette is my favorite! I’ve loved it since I was a child. Still don’t own one, but I hope to one day 🙂

  3. I would love to test drive the volt and see how it compares to the Prius… I’ve been hearing some good things lately from Chevy!

  4. I like the Rafflecopter form a lot although this one isn’t coming up for me. (Perhaps the giveaway has ended?) Thanks for the info on the Volt – I’d love to try one too.

    • Sorry, the giveaway is over… Although Rafflecopter should still show up saying it is over, sometimes it is a bit flaky. Stay tuned for more great giveaways 🙂


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