Disney Junior’s Yo Ho Let’s Go Summer

Disney Junior’s summer programming begins tomorrow (and my little girl heads off to her first day of summer camp). And for Jake and the Never Land Pirate fans, this summer is sure to be a hit. Disney Junior’s newest and most popular show will take center stage this summer with new episodes and an interactive treasure hunt on air and online.


From Monday, June 13 through Friday, August 26, Jake fans and their parents are invited to take  the treasure hunt for gold doubloons online at www.DisneyJunior.com/summer. Views will see gold doubloons popping up during their favorite shows throughout the Disney Junior programming block. Each Friday, kids and their parents can enter the number of gold doubloons seen throughout the week to unlock online treasures including new episode previews, games and activities.

The treasure hunt is still too grown up for K, but she is greatly looking forward to the the new Pirate Princess episode (guest staring Tori Spelling) that they are heavily advertising. She tells me about it every time she sees the commercial — I can’t wait for it to air. 🙂

If your kiddos would get a kick out of seeing their picture on TV, heads up. Parents can also download gold doubloons for their kids to decorate, then photograph their child with their doubloons and upload their photos to the site. Viewer images may be used on-air during the Disney Junior programming block. Even if you aren’t into the TV thing, your kids might still love the gold doubloons. (I plan to download some gold doubloons for K to decorate.)

If your kiddos aren’t familiar with Jake and the Never Land Pirates, I highly recommend it. It’s very popular in our house.

Disclosure – I was sent a Disney Junior gift pack, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Disney Junior’s Yo Ho Let’s Go Summer”

  1. I think Disney Juniors Yo Ho Let’s go Summer is awesome and fun to watch. I love all the episodes they are super duper funny! I love Jake and the Never Land Pirates!!!!!!!

  2. I love wathing Jake and the never land pirats !!! My Sister She is 4 She loves that show. My real name is Issabella the same as Isabella the girl pirate.

  3. this a good channle for 6 and under i dont think that 7,8,9,and 10 year olds should watch it beacouse it is to baby ish for them


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