Happy Mother’s Day

They say you can’t really appreciate your own mom until you become a mom yourself, and they are right. Becoming a mom has taught me more about my mom than I learned in the first 28 years of my life, and I continue to learn as my daughter gets older. (I already dread the preteen years.)

For example:

I now understand what, “Because I said so” really means.

I get why she dreaded our daily inquiry, “What’s for dinner.”

I am loosing the battle of the toys, and I understand why she was always trying to get me to part with my treasures.

I get why time outs hurt Mommy.

Oh, that’s why I needed to always eat veggies.

I see why she always talked about putting bricks on our heads so we would stop growing.

I also understand why she took pictures of EVERYTHING. (Although I still fuss at her for taking pics when I don’t feel well…)

I also know why my baby book is missing a few entries.

The word “why” is my natural enemy.

Mom was smart, she had girl friends and girls weekends.

Some of moms advice, it actually makes sense now…

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

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