There are Good People in the World

The back story — We have been selling a lot more things on Craigslist lately, and while my husband usually makes sure that he is home for all transactions (or meets them elsewhere), a couple weeks ago I took care of the exchange myself. It was a mom picking up a Disney Princess item with her baby, so my husband left to take care of something he had to do and I stayed for the transaction.

When the girl arrived, I could tell she was a bit frazzled. Her baby had slept longer than planned, and she was trying to get everything done. She and my husband had agreeded on $45 for the item, but she forgot to stop by the bank for change and only had 3 $20 bills. So she asked if I had change. I searched all of our places we “stash” money but the best I could find was 1 $5 and a couple $20s… not helpful. While I was searching she scrounged up $1 and change in her car. Of course, I told her $41 and change was fine and Merry Christmas, but she kept telling me how bad she felt. We chatted a bit, and the gift was for her 3-year-old daughter, so I felt happy when she left that we were going to make a little girl’s Christmas.

I thought nothing more about the transaction until the mail arrived yesterday. Opening a pile of Christmas cards, I was suprised when $3 fell out of one card. It was a thank you note that read:

“Dear Robert, I feel terrible that I didn’t get change before picking up the Princess stuff last week. Your wife was gracious enough to give them to me anyway. Enclosed is the $3 I owe you for them. Please accept my appolgies for not having it at the time and thank your wife for me. Merry Christmas!”

A simple note, and a simple gesture that reaffirms the goodness of people in this world. Completely unexpected, but appreciated more than she will ever know.

Merry Christmas to all!

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