14 Ways To A Fresh and Festive Holiday

I LOVE this time of year. All the hustle and bustle, the chill in the air and all of the festive decor. It really is a wonderful life. My mom is Santa’s chief elf, and I learned from the best about holiday decor. Although I am not even half the decorator she is, I love to get my house in the spirit of the season. Here are a few of my tips for a fresh and festive holiday.

  1. Mood music – I often keep music on in the house, and this time of year it is straight-up Christmas tunes. I love the Christmas station on the TV.
  2. Mood lighting – Candles are great any time of the year, but they are especially wonderful during the holiday season. Got little ones, try battery operated candles. This year we even found battery operated candles on timers, instant mood booster every evening at 6 pm.
  3. Mood scent – Cinnamon makes me think Christmas! During the holidays, I use my mom’s receipt to make the house smell great for the season. Fill a pot of water, cinnamon sticks and orange peels on the stove to simmer. I can smell it already.
  4. Mood taste – COOKIES! I am not a baker, but this is the time of year that I brush up on my home-ec skills and bake batches and batches of my family’s fav Christmas cookies.
  5. Mood temp – Tis the season to snuggle! I love to bundle up in a cozy sweater and lounge around the house on a lazy day… I wonder if I will have time to do that this year?
  6. Mood food – This is the perfect time of year to break out the slow-cooker and serve up some easy-to-make comfort foods.
  7. Mood lighting 2 – Christmas tree lights. I love the soft glow of the Christmas lights so much I put the tree on a timer too. The tree lights greet me first thing in the morning and turn off on their own after I go to bed.
  8. Mood sight – DECOR. I have already started breaking out the Christmas decor, I like to start early and take it down late so I can enjoy all of my hard work longer.
  9. Mood thoughts – Christmas cards are a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends scattered across the country. Even though they can be a daunting task, they really do let your friends know you are thinking of them, so take the time to spread some Christmas cheer with cards.
  10. Mood Eco – My only gripe with the holidays is all of the WASTE. Cut down on Christmas day waste with reusable wrapping options. Several years ago we purchased nesting, decorative cardboard boxes to “wrap” gifts. As gifts are purchased, they are tossed into a box and put under the tree. Then Christmas morning the gifts are opened, the boxes are nested and put away for next year. No extra trash.
  11. Mood clothing – Wear something festive. It doesn’t have to be a loud sweater, there are so many cute options nowadays, even at Target. If you wear something festive, you will feel festive.
  12. Mood booster – If crowds stress you out, shop early. If you love the crowds, dive in. Know what makes you happy and do what fits for you. I shop early and still attend the hustle and bustle, even if my shopping is done.
  13. Mood booster 2 – Take a drive to look at the lights. Christmas lights abound, and there is something magical about watching them dance. Take a drive with your loved ones to see what’s sparkling in your neighborhood.
  14. Mood breathing – As the stress of the season starts to try to bust your bubble, stop and take a deep breath or two (or 10) and remember the reason for the season.

Those are just a few of the things I do to get into the holiday spirit. I’d love to hear your tips for a fresh and festive holiday.

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