The Suburban Mom’s Night Out

Once upon a time, nearly two years ago, a night out with the girls meant a chance to unwind, talk about work, talk about travel, drinks and laughter. Before my daughter, I would have never pictured myself on a girls night out in a kitchen learning to decorate a cake, talking about household cleaning products, discipline, schoolsand other such suburban things. But a couple of weeks ago, that is exactly what I did on a great night out.

It’s funny because that is what prompted me to start this blog in the first place, just how much life had changed. From looking forward to a fancy weekend trip to having fun a kid’s second birthday and talking about household chores. Life sure has changed, but one thing has stayed the same. This Suburban Mom still loves a night out with good girlfriends, and said night out always includes lots of laughter!

Before you judge the images below, please remember this was our first time ever decroating a cake. So, they actually turned out well… considering. I don’t think this will be my new DIY project – I am having my friend (the host/teacher of this event) make the cake for my daughter’s birthday – it is safer in her hands. I will stick to the paper and cloth crafts. (By the way, keep an eye out for some fabulous Minnie Mouse DIY coming your way.)

Ahhh… life as TheSuburbanMom – I LOVE it!

What’s your favorite girl’s night out activity? (In other words, what should we try next!)

Yep, that’s me – hard at work.

(This is my cake, so pretty… sort of!)

All the lovely cakes.

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  1. You know… I found the stamping parties we used to go to way back when very fun! I still have the Christmas cards and the hurricane charlie book. 🙂


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