Black Friday

I have never done it. I have never shopped on Black Friday! As much as I LOVE a good deal, I’ve never braved the crowds, waited in line or shopped on the biggest shopping day of the year. Why? Because I am always enjoying family traditions at The Ranch.

But this is a new year, and I have a new plan! THE gift for my daughter this year will be $60 off on Black Friday – a deal that can’t be passed up. So, even though we have already purchased this rather LARGE gift, we will be returning it so my hubby can wait in line at midnight to re-buy it! Yes, I will be sending my husband (I think). I planned to go myself, but he thinks it is too big for me to manage! We will see.

Target has paired with Twitter Moms┬áto bring another blogging contest for bloggers to answer the question “What is your Black Friday plan of attack this year?”

My plan of attack includes a trip to Toys R Us (for hubby) to return the playhouse that fills his large SUV. Then sending him to Toys R Us at midnight on Black Friday – after a full day at The Ranch, to once again purchase the playhouse.

Finally, I plan to head to Target Friday morning. I won’t be looking for anything specific, but I wanna see the madness. I have heard about it forever, so I better see some clear-cut madness!

target 2

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