Costumes, not Just for Halloween

When I was a kid, dress-up play was a common theme. We had a dress up trunk that my mom kept filled with old vintage clothes and fancy dresses, and all of the kids in the neighborhood would come over to play dress up. There were many lovely frocks that are permanently engrained in my head, but one of the most vivid memories was of my best friend Heidi “destroying” my favorite costume.

It was my Wonder Woman costume, and it was my pride and joy. Heidi, God love her, was a very active kid. I swear she was always getting into some kind of mischief, and one day she wanted to wear my Wonder Woman costume. Next thing I know she’s goofing off near our hot tub, and I remember telling her, “Whatever you do, don’t fall in and get my costume wet. It will be ruined.” Guess what, Heidi fell in. I don’t know what became of the beloved costume, frankly, I don’t even remember if it was ruined, but I remember Heidi dripping wet in my Wonder Woman costume. Heidi is one of my oldest and dearest friends to this day – our moms grew up together – so while I was mad back then, it is a fond memory of my friend.

Not surprisingly, my daughter loves to play dress up. Mimi started her early, and already has a whole basket of costumes for her to play with. So I am constantly on the look out for a good deal on a cute costume. When I discovered a Wonder Woman Toddler Costume from Costume Supercenter, I HAD to have it for my little girl.

I am thrilled with this costume! Not only is it adorable, the material is really nice, For $24.99, you can’t beat it. The costume includes the dress, belt, wrist things, spats (boot tops) and the headband. Plus the toddler costume is for sizes 2-4, so it will fit her for a while. (Notice that the boot tops go up under the skirt because she has room to grow.) It’s perfect for play time! Or a hot Florida Halloween.

I tried to get her to do a Wonder Woman pose, this is the best I got:

With school starting, Halloween is just around the corner, and I am still debating what I will do for her for Halloween. Last year, I slaved over making a handmade Tinkerbell costume for Halloween (which was adorable I have to add), but I think this year I will purchase a costume.  Making it was a lot of work, and there are so many cute premade costumes for Halloween.

I haven’t decided for sure, but I think K will be a Pirate for Halloween this year. She LOVES pirates and singing Yo ho Yo ho a Pirate’s Life for Me… But there are so many cute toddler Halloween costumes, she may end up being an beautiful princess.

If nothing else, she might just be Wonder Woman just as long as she doesn’t fall into the hot tub…

BTW – Heidi, you have to come see her in this get up in person! She is a stitch!

Disclosure – I received the Wonder Woman costume for review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

4 thoughts on “Costumes, not Just for Halloween”

  1. Adorable costume! I had wonder woman underoos as a child, they were my favorite. Too bad I don’t still own them because I just did a quick search on ebay and they are a small fortune!

    My son loves playing dress up in his NASA astronaut costume from last Halloween. I haven’t even started thinking about his costume this year, so thanks for the reminder! 🙂


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