Pool Friends

20 Pool Games For Kids

We are officially three weeks into summer, and outside of the week my kids went to zoo camp, they have been in the pool nearly every day. Sometimes it is just the two of them, but very often we have a revolving door of neighborhood friends stopping by to swim. …

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How To Entertain The Whole Family On A Road Trip

5 Ways To Entertain The Whole Family On A Road Trip

As we gear up for our summer road trip, I am busy planing hotels, activities and ways to keep the kids occupied on the drive. Like many road trips part of our trip will be on boring highways, and during those portions of the drive I don’t mind screen time …

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Sight Word Practice Alpha Bits

Make Reading Fun And Tasty With Alpha-Bits

My Kindergartener is like a little sponge these days. She is learning to read, and she wants to read everything. She has come a long way in the last few months, and so I constantly find myself looking for new (fun) ways to challenge and teach her to read. From …

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