Little Remedies

Take The Say Yes To Less Pledge With Little Remedies

How many times a day do you say yes, when you should really say no? It’s hard to say no, isn’t it. What if instead of no, you said yes? Yes to less. Little Remedies is asking parents everywhere to say take a pledge to Say Yes to Less. By …

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Practical Baby Shower Gifts

10 Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Do not get me wrong, I adore all of those sweet baby gifts like baby clothes, blankets, decorations, baby shoes, etc. But as a mom of two I also very much appreciate practical gifts. With the first baby I was clueless as to what I needed, so practical gifts from …

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Baby Medicine Kit Essentials

8 Essentials For A Well-Stocked Baby Medicine Kit

When my oldest was a baby, I kept her home with me for a full six weeks before venturing into the outside world – six weeks. It was hard, but that’s what baby experts recommended, so that’s what I did. But when my youngest was born, the luxury of staying home was …

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5 Motherhood Milestones

During a baby’s first year there are major and minor milestones around every corner for baby. From baby’s first smile to baby’s first steps, every day it seems like baby is doing something new – and miraculous. But while baby is learning about the world around her, mom is also …

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Tips to Soothe A Fussy Baby

5 Tips To Soothe A Fussy Baby

I spent the first six-eight months of my oldest daughter’s life covered in spit-up. I never knew how much a baby could spit up until she came along. That baby was a champion spitter. Along with the spitting, she had a sensitive tummy. I had to learn quickly how to soothe a fussy …

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Little Remedies Cough Immune Support

8 Tips For Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

As we get ready to join family and friends for Thanksgiving this week, baby girl has started in with a cough — of course. Have you ever noticed that the holidays perfectly coincide with the start of cold season? What’s a mom gonna do, skip the festivities. Nope, we’ll muster through, …

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