The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Page Free Printable

The Mandalorian quickly became my family’s favorite show, beloved by all and non more so than our two-year-old daughter. For my daughter’s birthday, I commissioned a friend to create something unique. I hope you enjoy this free printable Mandalorian and Baby Yoda coloring page.

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Page Free Printable

The Mandalorian And Baby Yoda

Now I know that The Child is now known by his given name of Grogu, but in our hearts, he will always be Baby Yoda. And we can’t wait to see what happens to him and our favorite Mandalorian, Din Djarin, next season.

Our daughter loves Mando and Baby Yoda too, but mostly Mando. After the second or third episode of season one, she announced she was going to be Mando for Halloween. A year later, I was amazed that nothing could change her mind. She wanted to be Mando and to dress up our dog as Baby Yoda, which was really quite funny. (In case you are wondering, my other warriors are dressed up as Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games and Kim Possible.)


Mandalorian And Baby Yoda Birthday Party Idea

After Halloween, she had to have a Mandalorian Birthday Party, of course, and the coloring page was a nice added touch. Free printable coloring pages are perfect for birthday parties. I always print a handful of them and place them on a low table for kids to help themselves. It is a great party activity or something for them to do while they wait for the other guests to arrive. And if you keep the file handy, you can always print more!

If you use this free Mandaloiran coloring page for a party, you might also want to get some Mandalorian or Baby Yoda stickers to go along with it. Because stickers and coloring pages always go hand in hand. I like this pack of 300 stickers for kids.  For older kids, my big kids like vinyl sticker packs.

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Page

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda are beloved by kids of all ages, and so is coloring. So this coloring page isn’t just for kids. I hope adults (who are big kids at heart) will also enjoy this Mandalorian and Baby Yoda coloring page as well. Make it a family activity. Print a bunch of copies, get out the crayons or colored pencils and go to town.

You could also get really fancy and print the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda coloring page on watercolor paper and use watercolors to make your own artwork. In fact, I turned the coloring page into a class valentine for my daughter and attached a mini watercolor set. The kids love it.

Download The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda coloring page HERE.

Free Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Sheet

The full-page coloring sheet will download as a PDF without the watermark across Mando. Clicking the link above will open Dropbox where you can download the coloring page to your computer for free. You do not need a Dropbox account to download the free file.

This original The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda coloring page for personal use only – not for resale or publication on other sites. If pinning or linking to the color page, please link to this blog page not the coloring page itself. Thank you.

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