Free $10 in Sears Shop Your Way Rewards Points

Update: Looks like the promo is no longer available.
Here’s a quick way to score $10 worth (10,000 points) of Sears Shop Your Way Rewards points. All you need to do is register your eligible Visa card with your SYWR account to get started.

Register Your Card

Use any eligible Visa card that’s already in your wallet. It’s easy! You just need your mobile phone, your eligible Visa card, and a few minutes to complete the form.

Start Shopping

You’ll receive text messages notifying you of when you’ve made a qualifying purchase, as well as when valuable point and updates from ShopYourWay become available. You can also visit our to view current offers.

Get Connected and Earn More Points

By using your registered Visa card while shopping at participating merchants, you’ll earn even more points!

Head over here to get your FREE points.


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