Free $10 Livingsocial Credit

Here’s a quick way to score a FREE $10 Livingsocial credit. Head over to this MSN page here to check out the all new 2013 Ford Fusion. Click through the slideshow and when you get to the slide with the “Get Discount” button click it to activate your FREE Livingsocial credit. I scored a $10 credit, but others have scored up to $30! You’ll have 7 days to use the credit and note that to redeem your promo code you will have to use the same browser and computer as when you originally qualified.

Get your FREE credit here.





  1. Woo I got $20!! Thanks so much!

  2. It says the promotion is expired now 🙁

  3. Norma Hammock says:

    After clicking through the slide show and then clicking on “Get Discount,” all I got was a page saying the promotion has expired! Bah Humbug!

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