Shop Your Way Rewards Personal Shopper Program Q&A

Over the last couple of months, I have been telling people about how they can get started as a Shop Your Way Rewards Personal Shopper and start making money from home. If you haven’t signed up yet, I hope this post will clear up any hesitation and give you that last nudge you need to sign up.

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How Much Work Is It?

The number one reason people don’t take advantage of programs like this is that they don’t have time for extra work. This program does all of the work for you – no extra work needed. Once you sign up all you have to do is ask friends and family to sign up as your “clients.” That is the end of the work. Once they sign up, you will make money off EVERY purchase they make. You don’t have to go with them to the store, you don’t even have to send them links and ideas (although it is always nice to help your friends!). When they shop and use they Shop You Way Rewards account they will earn SYWR points (which translate into store credit), you will earn 1% CASH.

After people sign up, just sit back and let them shop!

What’s In It For My Clients?

Allow me to repeat this very important point – When trying to recruit friends and family, the number one selling point is “Everyone makes money!” When they sign up as your “client” they will earn SYWR points (which translate into store credit), you will earn 1% CASH. So not only are you gaining, but you are helping them earn as well. Hello win-win situation!

How Much Does It Cost?

Because the Personal Shopper program is FREE and EASY there is no reason not to try it! Even if your only client is your mom, you will still make money when she shops! Why not try it and see?

Which Purchases Count?

Do your friends and family shop for everyday household items or prescriptions at Kmart? Is your girlfriend planning to buy a new fridge? Has grandma been looking at toys for your kiddos to find under the tree Christmas morning? ALL of those purchases count. With this the SYWR Personal Shopper program, you make money on each purchase big or small.

How Much Money?

As a SYWR Personal Shopper you will earn 1% back on every purchase made by your clients when they use their SYWR number. When you have 20 or more clients, you can earn an additional 1% commission for a total of 2%. Payments are made to you each month you earn $20 or more.

What If I Want to Make More?

Go you! For those who want to turn this program into a nice side business (great for bloggers!), recruit, recruit, recruit. Then help clients shop by sharing ideas. The SYWR Personal Shopper program makes it easy to create online catalogs full of ideas for your clients. From holiday decor to gift ideas, fashion advice to new mom help, you can “window shop” from your computer creating virtual catalogs filled with ideas. Sharing those catalogs with your clients is where the Personal Shopper part comes in. Another great way to help your clients shop is by staying in touch with the hottest deals and letting them know when big sales are going on. Again this win-win benefits your clients with awesome deals personalized for them, and you earn commisison!

What Stores Are Included?

The Shop Your Way Rewards Personal Shopper program works at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, mygofer, Craftsman, and Sears Outlet.

How Do I Sign Up?

Are you ready? Here you go, sign up for the Shop Your Way Rewards Personal Shopper Here! The first step is to request an invite, once that arrives (via email) follow the steps to get started. You can be up and running with brand new clients TODAY!

Anything Else?

After you sign up, I still have one last giveaway going on through September 26, 2012 for a $100 Sears gift card. So stop by this post here and enter to win!

Disclosure – I was compensated for this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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