Sears Memories & Become A Personal Shopper ~ $100 Giveaway

How old were you the first time you “cruised” the mall by yourself with your friends? I distinctly remember, I was in the seventh grade (12 years old). My friend Rachel and I had finally convinced our moms that we were old enough to go shopping by ourselves. We pulled up in front of Sears and hopped out of the car ready for our first big-girl mall trip. I have no idea what (if any) wonderful purchases I made that day, but I remember walking through those mall doors filled with excitement as if I were going on some grand adventure instead of just the mall I had been to hundreds of times. My how the mall sparkled that day.

Sears was always one of out regular stops on trips to the mall. Whether it was back to school shopping with mom or our planned meeting spot when we got dropped off at the mall, our trips often started and ended with Sears. But it wasn’t just mall trips, remember the Sears catalog? (Of course you do.) I remember looking through it with mom circling all of the things I wanted. It was like a giant wish list.

Even my dad is a Sears fan with stories of looking through the Sears Roebuck catalog with his mom as a boy. (Now feel old. I just realized I sound like my dad telling stories about when he was a kid. Sears has been part of the American family for so long, both generations have stories of shopping in its stores!)

Even though Sears has been around forever (well, since 1906 – I looked it up), it hasn’t lost touch with the times. Moving from the mail-order catalog to retail stores, and then online shopping. Now Sears has a Personal Shopper Program that offers shoppers the ability to earn a commission when making recommendations to friends and family. How cool is that?! Think of all the times a friend has dragged you to the mall to ask your opinion on an outfit — with the Personal Shopper program by Shop Your Way you could earn commission on being a good friend!

Sears Personal Shopper Show You Way Rewards Logo

The best part is that it is free to sign up for the program, which means anyone can become a personal shopper in just minutes. (This is another great way for my fellow bloggers to make money online by recommending products to readers.)

In order for friends and family to become your “clients,” they must first become Shop Your Way Rewards members. (No problem if they are already members, they can just link their account.) As Shop Your Way Rewards members your clients will earn points when they shop at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, etc., and those points translate into credit that can be spent at any of the Sears Holding companies. That means that through the Personal Shopper Program you and your client will earn money and rewards for shopping. How’s that for incentive?

With the Personal Shopper Program you can earn 1% on all purchases your clients make using their SYWR number as your client. When you have 20 or more clients, you can earn an additional 1% commission! It’s easy to become a Personal Shopper, just invite your friends and family via Facebook or email and once a month you will get paid after earning over $20.

I know readers are always asking me for tips on how to make money online, so here it is! Sign up and start earning commission today!

GIVEAWAY! In addition to signing up to start making money as a Personal Shopper, one lucky reader will win a $100 Sears gift card!

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Disclosure – I was compensated for this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I was 15 years old

  2. I was 18. Had overly protective parents.

  3. Tabathia B says:

    I would have to go with the above comment. I was 18 and graduated from high school

  4. Goodness … I remember walking the mall, but I don’t remember my age … I want to say 15?

  5. I was probably about 14! thanks!

  6. nataly carbonell says:

    I was like 21 :p

  7. michelle oakley warner says:

    i was about 15 when i went to the mall the first time, i had big hair then too, too funny

  8. I think I was probably thirteen years old or so.

  9. OH I dont have any idea. 13 maybe?

  10. tracey byram says:

    I was 14 years old.

  11. I was 13 the first time I cruised the mall with my friends!

  12. I think I was about 13!

  13. I think I was..maybe around 16/17?


  14. maybe 14

  15. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I think I was around 14!

  16. kelly nicholson says:

    Do you remember how old you were when you first cruised the mall with your friends? How old?

    yep..but dont do it anymore

  17. I’ve already signed up for this and I think it’s a great program!

  18. probably 13!

  19. Stefanie Gladden ( ann lyfe ) says:

    I was probably 14

  20. Patricia Neiberger Ehn says:

    well we were still in grade school because my best friends parents bowled on a league & the mall was right beside it

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