$30 Okabashi Sandals Voucher for $13

If you’re in need of some new flops for the summer, here’s a deal to check out today from Eversave. For $13, you can get a $30 worth of comfortable, stylish sandals from Okabashi.com. The Save is priced at $15, but you can use coupon SUMMER for an extra $2 off. There are 16 different men’s and women’s styles to choose from in multiple colors, and they are made in the USA and 100% recyclable too. You can buy up to two of the Saves, but only use one per order. Shipping is a flat rate $7, or free for orders of $40 or more.

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  1. I don’t know if anyone out there has had a better experience with Okabashi sandals that I have, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on them.

    Last year my chiropractor noticed that I wore a lot of sandals and flip flops rather than more supportive shoes like tennis shoes. He recommended that I pick up a pair of Okabashi sandals at Walgreens or CVS, since they offer better arch support than most other sandals and flip flops. I promptly went out and picked up two pairs of their flip flops – one for myself and one for my husband. They weren’t the cutest flip flops, but I was looking forward to their comfort. I was terribly disappointed. The whole sandal is made of the same rubbery material, which isn’t particularly soft, so the straps dug into the tops of my feet when I walked. The arch support was pretty good, but the texture and contours that touched the bottom of my foot were irritating and uncomfortable. My husband, who is a lot less picky about shoe comfort than I am had similar complaints. We each gave them a couple more tries, but after a few instances of having the tops of our feet cut by the rubber straps and the bottoms of our feet sore and blistered, our Okabashis went straight into the donation box.

    My recommendation for anyone looking to add some arch support to flip flops or sandals is to buy a pair of AirPlus Gel Support Ultra Arches or Dr. Scholl’s for Her Hidden Arch Supports. Both products are available at Walgreens for a few dollars a pair. These clear arch supports have adhesive on the bottom and can be placed in any shoe or sandal. You can put them in just the right spot to give you the most comfortable custom arch support. They look a little goofy when the shoe is off, but you can’t see them when you have your shoe on. They’ll make your favorite pair of flip flops or your cutest sandals much more comfortable. I first tried them in my favorite Crocs flip flops, and they went from being comfortable to being heavenly! I’ve put them in some of my more stylish sandals, too, and I am very happy with them.

    One downside is that the adhesive does attract dirt, so they might look a little worse for wear if you spend a day at the beach or the fairgrounds where there’s a lot of sand and dirt, but since you can’t see the arch supports when they’re on your feet, it really doesn’t matter. If they get too dirty for you, you can replace them for a few dollars.

    • Thanks for the feedback April. I haven’t tried the shoes myself, so I have no idea. The shoes look VERY similar in shoe build, however, to my favorite pair of flops this summer Oka Bs (http://www.shoesthatloveyou.com). (Although my Oka Bs come in lots of cute styles.) Definitely good info.

  2. Oka B – ’boutique’ brand and Okabashi are made by the same company. I have worn the Okabashi flip flops and other styles for years…love love love them. Sorry April & her husband had a bad experience. I am not in any way connected with the shoe company…just wanted to give another opinion!

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