Who Is The Suburban Mom?

Jen Burg The Suburban Mom OrlandoI am Jen, the owner and author of The Suburban Mom. As the mom of two wonderful (and active) girls, my days are filled with carpool, craft projects, PTA, Girl Scouts and all things mommy. When I have a moment to myself, I am also an avid deal hunter, and I love to share the hottest deals I find. Becoming a mom inspired the creation of The Suburban Mom, and since being a mom means wearing many hats I am never at a loss for words.

This flip-flop wearing, Gator-loving, picture-taking, deal-hunting Florida mom is also social media junkie and a writer. In addition to my posts here on The Suburban Mom, I am the co-author of the best-selling book Power Principles for Success, a regular contributor for SignUpGenius, a ghost writer and guest poster for various blogs and freelance magazine columnist. I also consider myself pretty crafty, and I love to share my DIY tutorials.

Since The Suburban Mom began in 2009, I have had the privilege of working with some of my favorite companies on reviews/giveaways and as a Brand Ambassador. (A sampling of the brands I have worked with is available here.) If you are interested in learning more about hiring The Suburban Mom to promote your brand, assist with your social media strategy or as a writer please contact me. I am always open to new opportunities.

The Family

K is a loving and caring eight year old. I am constantly amazed by how much my little sponge soaks up as she (too quickly) transforms from my baby into a little girl. 

Sissy is spunky and full of determination. She is four years old, but she has no idea she isn’t eight like the big kids. She knows no fear and assumes she can (and will) do anything the big kids can do. Everywhere we go people ooh and awe over her head full of blonde curls, which are just an extension of her personality. 

My husband, B, is the reason we all get up in the morning (otherwise I’d hit the snooze till noon). Impossibly logical, he keeps things running smoothly and our bellies full.

The Suburban Mom Family Disney Boardwalk

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