SWASH Clothing Care Helps Save Time, Money And Your Clothes

We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for your night out and have the perfect outfit in mind. You have 10 minutes before you need to be out the door, and when you go to get the outfit from your closest it’s either not there (still in the pile to be taken to the dry […]

Tips for Surviving the First Trimester

5 Tips For Surviving The First Trimester

Surviving the first trimester is the first of many rites of passage into the world of motherhood. It ain’t easy! But it is important to know that you aren’t alone and more importantly – the first trimester will end, you will feel better and it is worth it. I promise. And that’s why I am sharing 5 tips for […]

Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Flotation Device

Gain Water Confidence With Stearns Puddle Jumper

It’s pool season, and my girls have already begun the daily request to go swimming. While my oldest has turned into a fish, diving and swimming, my little needs a bit more confidence. She is taking swim lessons, but for now she prefers to stay on the steps. To help her gain confidence in the water, I got her a Stearns Puddle Jumper.

Strange Magic DVD

Strange Magic Review, Soundtrack And Activity Pages

Fairies, adventure, love and rock and roll! That is the new animated film by George Lucas Strange Magic, and my girls loved it. Now available on DVD, Strange Magic is a magical story about fairies who just happen to know some very popular rock and roll tunes. So popular that my daughters were amazed when mom and […]

Red White and Blue Sangira

Red, White And Blue Sangria

Summer is fast approaching, and as the days grow longer we will spend many evenings outside with friends and family. My favorite summer cocktail is sangria, and in the spirit of summer I gave it a patriotic makeover creating an easy Red, White and Blue Sangria.


Target Thanks A Billion Will Donate $25 To Your School

This is a post you will want to share with all of your friends and neighbors because everyone can sign up to have Target donate $25 to their school for free just for saying “Thanks’ to a teacher. The Target Thanks a Billion will donate $25 for every “thanks” sent (one per person). Each school is eligible to receive […]

#DGPetDash Purina Dollar General

Stock Up On Purina At Dollar General

We pet owners love to spoil our pets, and that means treats, food and toys are always on the shopping list. Dollar General has your pet needs covered. Instead of making another trip to the pet store, grab what you need to make your pet happy while shopping at Dollar General.

10 Things To Do With Your Preschooler At Disney

10 Things To Do With Your Preschooler At Disney

Disney brings out the kid in all of us. Whether your first visit to Disney World is as a small child or as grandparent, there is plenty to do and to see. But what is the perfect age to take kids for the very first time? Preschool age! At that age kids get so excited so seeing […]

Family Game Night Popcorn

5 Tips For A Fun, Unplugged Family Game Night

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. While it allows me to work from home, it also creates an environment where I am tethered to my phone. I constantly have to remind myself to put down the phone and be in the moment. One of my family’s favorite ways to unplug and have a few laughs is family game night.

Hellman's Sandwich

Easy Peasy Lunch With Hellmann’s Squeeze Bottle

A good sandwich always makes me think of my grandfather. He loved a thick sandwich with meat, cheese and veggies piled high. He used to call it an Army man’s sandwich. Of course, a sandwich isn’t complete without my favorite condiment — mayonnaise. And making a sandwich with Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise just got easier with […]