NETGEAR Arlo Browser Viewer

Netgear Arlo Wireless Home Security Cameras From Best Buy

My household is very high-tech with wireless everything and a lot of home automation. I love that we live in a smart house, and I love that our house just got smarter! Thanks to a partnership with Best Buy, my family has new Netgear Arlo wireless home security cameras and no more WiFi dead zones thanks […]

10 Things No One Told You About Pregnancy

10 Things No One Told You About Pregnancy

Everyone knows the big pregnancy symptoms – the morning sickness, the big belly, baby kicks, etc. But for every pregnancy symptom you’ve heard of there are many more surprising symptoms you may have never heard about. There were several times during my first pregnancy that I wondered out loud why no one ever told me […]

Spaghetti and Meatballs

10-Minute Spaghetti And Meatballs With Bertolli

I am a list maker. I make lists about everything, and I love to cross things off my lists. But I am notorious for creating ridiculously long lists. Every day I start off with high hopes that I will accomplish my entire list, but in reality my list usually has enough tasks to fill several […]

Frozen Fruit Dessert

Hard Fruit: A Frozen Fruit Snack

What is hard fruit you ask? Well, in my family hard fruit is a frozen fruit treat that my aunt has been making since I was a little girl. Hard fruit is a little of this fruit and a little of that fruit that is frozen into an icy, slushy snack. And like most things that family […]

Kid-Friendly Witches Brew

Kid-Friendly Witches’ Brew Halloween Punch

Bubble bubble toil and trouble. I have a delicious recipe to fill your cauldron this Halloween. Hehehehehe. (Read in a cackling witches voice.) If you need a Halloween punch for an upcoming party, this kid-friend Witches’ Brew is sure to put a spell on your guests. It is a delicious mix of sweet and sour in […]

Fall Pillows

Create A Cozy Fall Space With Pillows From BHG

Recently, we gave our house a whole new look with a by changing the wall color throughout our home. What a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. What was once dark green is now light, bright and airy grey, and I am in love. Before I go on, I feel that I must […]

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Playmation

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Playmation

In August I got a first look at Playmation, and as soon as I saw it in action I knew my girls would be totally into it. So I was excited to receive an advance copy to review with my family. Playmation is unlike anything you have seen before, and it is so much fun! […]

Meal Planning

How Meal Planning Works For My Family

When it was just my husband and I (ya know, before kids), we had a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants approach to meals. When we went to the grocery store 1-2 times a week we stocked up on basics and anything that sounded good. We had no real plan, just get food — meat, fruit, dairy, pasta, etc. Throughout the week, […]

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Spiked Hot Chocolate And Spiked Apple Cider

This post brought to you by TUACA Vanilla Citrus Liqueur . The content and opinions expressed below are that of The Suburban Mom. As temps dipped into the 60s for the first time this weekend (break out the jeans Floridians!) we got the first real taste of cooler fall temperatures. Sure it will be 80 tomorrow […]

The Journey Home Image

The Journey Home DVD ~ $50 Walmart Giveaway

The Journey Home is going to make you say, “Awe!” Actually, it is going to make you say, “Awe” over and over again. I lost count at the number of times I said it during the trailer. A boy who befriends a polar bear cup, I mean what could be cuter? I mean really. The Journey Home is […]