4TROOPS CD Release & Coupon Code

The music industry is filled with songs that contain… ummm… inappropriate lyrics and messages for children. And yet, all the kids seem to know all the lyrics. But every once in a while a group comes along with a good message, this is just such a group. Born on the battlefield, four former Soldiers attribute their Army […]

EcoSmart Natural Bug Killer – Giveaway

I don’t like bugs. I don’t like ones that fly, ones that crawl ones that bite or ones that sting. They are creepy, crawly and give me nightmares. But as much as I don’t like bugs, I dislike introducing toxic chemicals into my home and near my daughter even more. The idea of the effect of […]

My daughter’s birthday was sponsored by DiGiorno Pizza

When planning for our wedding, my father often joked that he should sell sponsorships for the wedding. After all, if we were going to have 150 people in one place, wouldn’t an advertiser love to be in front of that captive audience? At least that was my dad’s joking theory. Years later, and I am involved […]

Baskin Robbins Brownie a la Mode Review, YUM!

When Baskin Robbins asked if I would like to try one of its new ice cream treats, I jumped at the chance. Mama doesn’t pass up ice cream or chocolate! LOL I had not heard of Baskin Robbins’ new Raspberry Fudge Truffle a la Mode or the Brownie a la Mode, but both sounded yummy. […]

POM Wonderful – Review

When I was contacted by a representative at POM Wonderful to review its juice, I was ecstatic. Not only was it validating to have a company seek me out, but my family loves juice! I have seen POM on the juice shelf at Publix before, but I have never actually tried pomegranate juice. (Unless you […]

Hallmark Mobile Greetings – Review & Free Offer

First there were e-cards, now there are text-cards!!! Hallmark recently launched Mobile Greetings in July 2009 to capitalize on the growing trend of texting, and I must say, it is pretty cool! As a BzzAgent, I received the chance to try one free Hallmark Mobile Greeting to check it out. Since I am not too […]

Is Stamps.com worth the price tag?

Print your postage from home! No driving to the PO and waiting in long lines! It sounds great, but there is a catch… A costly catch! I love eBay, and we sell a decent number of items, so over the years we have gotten used to trips to the post office. Most of the time […]