The Epiphanie Clover: A Camera Bag, Laptop Bag And Purse In One ~ Giveaway

Epiphanie Bags Clover Teal

I am a tech and photo junkie. Whether I am traveling across country or across town, if I am leaving the convenience of my home for more than a few hours, packing all of my tech is a must. I do not often leave home without at least one camera and either a tablet or a […]

Daily Trivia And Family Conversation Starters From KidQ App

KidQ Scholastic Parent Child

  Kids are like sponges, and they love to ask “why.” The new (free) KidQ App from Scholastic Parent & Child turns questions into answers with fun facts that kids enjoy learning about.  These days K is curious about how everything works (and why), and it is so much fun to watch her learn. As […]

A Spoonful Of Chocolate Helps The Cough Medicine Go Down

Chocolate Cough Medicine Dr Cocoa Owl”

It’s the sound in the middle of the night that parents dread – cough, cough, cough.  In my house it is a sound that we hear all too often. I’ve been blessed with very healthy kids, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times K has been really sick. But anytime […]

In A Hurry? HALF TIME Pre-Packed Lunch Kits To The Rescue! ~ Giveaway

Applegate Half Time Lunch

One of the best tips to ease the stress of school mornings is to pack lunches the night before. But the problem with this sage advice is that there are nights when I don’t have time to pack lunch the night before. (And forget about those fancy bento boxes!) There just aren’t enough hours in the day!  Case […]

The Monster High Freaky Fusion Mashup

Monster High Freaky Fusion Dracubecca Cleolei

There are four new students at Monster High this year, and just in time for Halloween these ghouls are fabulously freaky. If your little girl is a Monster High fan, you can be sure the new hybrids will be at the top of her wish list very soon. All Monster High dolls come with a back story, […]

Back To School Tips With Healthy Essentials

Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials

We are three weeks into the school year, which means we are finally starting to settle into a routine. It takes a lot to get us (me) out of bed and moving in the morning, and we need all the help we can get to shave a few extra seconds off our morning routine. Because […]

New Eric Carle Gymboree Play Clothes & PJs

The World Of Eric Carle Gymboree

The playful stories and beautiful illustrations of Eric Carle have been a staple in children’s literature for decades. And now Eric Carle’s familiar characters and illustrations can be found on the new line of play clothes and pajamas at Gymboree.  Eric Carle Gymboree Play Clothes The new line of Eric Carle Gymboree clothes is now available in stores […]

My New Love: The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

I get excited when I get to review a new phone because I am a total phone junkie, and I love checking out the latest and the greatest. But I was positively giddy when I received the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport from Sprint. Why? Because for the last two years my primary phone has been the […]

A Tour And Inspiration From Better Homes And Gardens Headquarters

Better Homes Gardens Bedroom

I have been given many wonderful opportunities through my blog, met amazing people and done some really neat things. But when Better Homes and Gardens asked me to join their team of bloggers to showcase its line of home products I was beside myself with excitement. Not only to I get to do some redecorating with BHG […]

Jamin’ Tunes With The HEOS By Denon Wireless Sound System

Denon HEOS Sound System

At any given moment there is music playing somewhere in our house. From a CD player in the nursery, to an iPod docked in the kitchen, we love jamin’ to some tunes. So the whole family was excited to check out our newest toy — a HEOS by Denon wireless multi-room sound system. So what exactly […]

New And Improved Spill Proof Sippy Cups From Playtex

Playtex Anywhere Sippy Cup

Sippy cups have been a staple in this house for the last six years, and I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon. Even my six year old still drinks out of a sippy cup from time to time. Sure, she is perfectly capable of drinking out of a cup and she does so when […]

Laundry Essentials For Back To School

Dorm Room Laundry Gift Basket

This post brought to you by Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine. One of the most useful gifts I received when I headed off to college was a laundry tub filled with everything I needed to tackle my laundry. Practical and oh-so-useful. In fact, I still have that laundry tub and still […]

Take Five For Health With Superior Source Vitamins + Giveaway

Superior Source Vitamins C D B12

Let me take a wild guess. You probably don’t always get completely balanced meals, and you probably don’t get a full eight-hours of sleep each night, do you? Me neither. But I don’t have time to be sick or feel run down, do you? To help stay healthy and active, I rely on vitamins to […]

The Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Vibe Review

Waterproof Kyocera Hydro Vibe

Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet, sink, a puddle of water? I have, and I have been lucky not to have lost any devices to water damage (knock on wood). But this klutzy is constantly paranoid that the next time I drop my phone in the toilet I won’t be so lucky.  […]

Samsung Galaxy Android Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC110 Android

I take a lot of pictures – a lot. My camera is basically attached to me at all times. But I constantly battle between using my “good” camera and using my cell so I share the image instantly. I often take the same picture twice just so I can share it, and have it on my […]