5 Reasons To Stay At Bonnet Creek


People come from all over to vacation in Orlando, but those of us who live here are often too busy to enjoy the sights. My family, however, is determined to enjoy everything our town has to offer. So a couple of times a year we plan a staycation to enjoy some of the awesome things Orlando has to offer. […]

Summer At The Beach And Toddler Beach Essentials

Toddler Beach Essentials

What does the perfect beach day look like to you? Mine starts like this.  A picture perfect day with clear blue skies and my family. What more could one ask for? We are beach people, and are lucky enough to go often. While my girls love everything about the beach — building sandcastles, swimming, flying […]

Gain Water Confidence With Stearns Puddle Jumper

Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Flotation Device

It’s pool season, and my girls have already begun the daily request to go swimming. While my oldest has turned into a fish, diving and swimming, my little needs a bit more confidence. She is taking swim lessons, but for now she prefers to stay on the steps. To help her gain confidence in the water, I got her a Stearns Puddle Jumper.

Put Your Heart To Paper And Celebrate Moms

Mother's Day Hallmark Card

Are you ready to celebrate all of the amazing mothers in your life this weekend? Hopefully, your mom and your mother in law on your list, but what about some of your amazing friends who also happen to be moms? Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating your mom, it is about celebrating all moms.  This […]

Family Dinner Night Is Saucesome

Silly Family

One of my favorite times of the day is dinner. Even when the day is total chaos with everyone going in different directions, dinner brings us together. It starts with my little helpers in the kitchen and ends with a meal filled with stories, laughter and lots of silliness. It is my happy time. Last week we […]

Make A Splash And Protect Your Skin With Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids

Summer of Splash

It’s pool season! Which means it’s time to grab your sunglasses and your suit and make a splash. Can you hear the squeals of delight? With all of the time we plan to spend in the pool and at the beach over the coming months, it is time to stock up on sunscreen. My babies and I have […]

Sweet Valentine’s Day Outfits

Heart Valentine's Day Shirts

My girls love to wear matching outfits, love. I know some kids complain when mom dresses them in matching outfits, but not my girls. They beg to wear matching outfits. Who am I to deny them this sister bond? So I am always in search of adorable matching outfits — especially for holidays. And what could be sweeter than matching […]

5 Motherhood Milestones


During a baby’s first year there are major and minor milestones around every corner for baby. From baby’s first smile to baby’s first steps, every day it seems like baby is doing something new – and miraculous. But while baby is learning about the world around her, mom is also learning about baby. It’s not […]

American Girl Doll Of The Year 2014

American Girl of the Year Isabelle

When I surprised my daughters by taking them to the opening of the American Girl Store in Orlando, I knew introducing K to the world of American Girl would likely result in a new obsession. No surprise, I was absolutely right. Although familiar with American Girl from the catalog, friends and owning a Bitty Baby, a visit […]

10 Adventures You Can’t Miss On Florida’s Space Coast

Florida Airboat Ride

Does your ideal vacation include adventure activities for the whole family? If so, then your next adventure vacation awaits at Florida’s Space Coast. We are lucky because Florida’s Space Coast is just a short drive from us here in Central Florida, so we have taken advantage of everything the coast has to offer several times […]

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Sister Costume Ideas Mermaids

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Not me! Halloween is fun for the whole family, especially when you come up with family Halloween costume ideas. It’s fun to play dress up as a whole family.  I love homemade costumes, but after years of making our costumes this year I was tired. Plus with an October […]

Make Reading Fun With A Pajama Jam Reading Party

Reading Fort

Watching a child learn to read is incredible. One moment you aren’t sure they will ever get it, then suddenly it clicks. It has only been 18 months or so since we struggled to get K to read a few sight words, now she has advanced to chapter books. Chapter books, in the first grade!  She […]

150+ Do-A-Dot Printable Worksheet Coloring Pages For Preschool

150 Do A Dot Printable Worksheets

Even though it has been a month since she started, I still can’t believe my baby is in preschool! My baby! (Sniff, sniff.) From day one she was in her element. While many of the other two year olds were saying their tearful goodbyes, my girl sat right down at the arts and crafts table […]

Get your Kid Talking: Tell Me One Thing That Made You Happy Today

How To Get Your Kids To Talk To You

This morning I put my daughter on the school bus headed off to her first day of school. It wasn’t really any easier this year than it was sending her off to Kindergarten. Although, this  year I didn’t cry — close, but I didn’t. Somehow she just looked so big this time, and after doing […]

5 Things You Should Know About First Grade

5 Things You Should Know About First Grade Common Core

After a fun year in Kindergarten, and a nice summer break it is nearly time to return to school. This year K will be in First grade. As emotional as I was about the start of Kindergarten last year, first grade seems just as monumental. Even though she will attend the same school, first grade sounds […]