Sweet Valentine’s Day Outfits

Heart Valentine's Day Shirts

My girls love to wear matching outfits, love. I know some kids complain when mom dresses them in matching outfits, but not my girls. They beg to wear matching outfits. Who am I to deny them this sister bond? So I am always in search of adorable matching outfits — especially for holidays. And what could be sweeter than matching […]

5 Motherhood Milestones


During a baby’s first year there are major and minor milestones around every corner for baby. From baby’s first smile to baby’s first steps, every day it seems like baby is doing something new – and miraculous. But while baby is learning about the world around her, mom is also learning about baby. It’s not […]

American Girl Doll Of The Year 2014

American Girl of the Year Isabelle

When I surprised my daughters by taking them to the opening of the American Girl Store in Orlando, I knew introducing K to the world of American Girl would likely result in a new obsession. No surprise, I was absolutely right. Although familiar with American Girl from the catalog, friends and owning a Bitty Baby, a visit […]

10 Adventures You Can’t Miss On Florida’s Space Coast

Florida Airboat Ride

Does your ideal vacation include adventure activities for the whole family? If so, then your next adventure vacation awaits at Florida’s Space Coast. We are lucky because Florida’s Space Coast is just a short drive from us here in Central Florida, so we have taken advantage of everything the coast has to offer several times […]

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Sister Costume Ideas Mermaids

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Not me! Halloween is fun for the whole family, especially when you come up with family Halloween costume ideas. It’s fun to play dress up as a whole family.  I love homemade costumes, but after years of making our costumes this year I was tired. Plus with an October […]

Make Reading Fun With A Pajama Jam Reading Party

Reading Fort

Watching a child learn to read is incredible. One moment you aren’t sure they will ever get it, then suddenly it clicks. It has only been 18 months or so since we struggled to get K to read a few sight words, now she has advanced to chapter books. Chapter books, in the first grade!  She […]

150+ Do-A-Dot Printable Worksheet Coloring Pages For Preschool

150 Do A Dot Printable Worksheets

Even though it has been a month since she started, I still can’t believe my baby is in preschool! My baby! (Sniff, sniff.) From day one she was in her element. While many of the other two year olds were saying their tearful goodbyes, my girl sat right down at the arts and crafts table […]

Get your Kid Talking: Tell Me One Thing That Made You Happy Today

How To Get Your Kids To Talk To You

This morning I put my daughter on the school bus headed off to her first day of school. It wasn’t really any easier this year than it was sending her off to Kindergarten. Although, this  year I didn’t cry — close, but I didn’t. Somehow she just looked so big this time, and after doing […]

5 Things You Should Know About First Grade

5 Things You Should Know About First Grade Common Core

After a fun year in Kindergarten, and a nice summer break it is nearly time to return to school. This year K will be in First grade. As emotional as I was about the start of Kindergarten last year, first grade seems just as monumental. Even though she will attend the same school, first grade sounds […]

Our Big Summer Of Fun

The Suburban Mom

18 summers. I will never forget these words from the 2011 Disney Social Media conference.  “Our job as parents is to create memories. You can only do that by being together. You only have 18 summers with your kids. Make memories. Life is short,” Amy Foster, Director of Disney Destinations and Consumer Insight. It became my rallying cry. […]

Because Childhood Doesn’t Last Forever…

OshKosh B'gosh Overalls Denim

Motherhood is a crazy gig. I look at my girls and I dream of what they will someday become. I can’t wait for them to get old enough to do various things. But all the while, my heart aches — I don’t want them to get bigger. Oh that I could keep them small forever.  Don’t get […]

On The Tonight Show Set With Jimmy Fallon

Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Orlando

Facebook was a buzz when the Tonight Show announced that it would tape at Universal Studios Orlando for four episodes. Everyone wanted the coveted tickets, and my husband managed to snag some. So Monday we did something we never do, we played hooky for the day — no work and no kids — and joined […]

Tooth Fairy Ideas And Free Printables

Free Tooth Fairy Printables

The Tooth Fairy visited our house last week for the very first time, and it was a VERY big deal. As one of the last of her friends to lose a tooth, K had been yearning for a wiggly tooth for more than a year. And with each friend who lost a tooth, her yearning only grew. […]

Win A Custom Illustration Of Your Little One

Playtex Baby Beginnings Imagined

This morning, I woke up to a silent house. Silence. Sissy had her first sleepover at Mimi’s house with her big sister, and for the first time in two and half years — I had a kid-free morning. I should have been excited, but I was sad and nostalgic. This was a big step for […]

She Was A Fighter

Breast Cancer Warrior

For the last seven+ years my Aunt faced a battle against breast cancer as strongly and as with as much determination as anyone I have ever known. A couple of weeks ago, she lost that battle. Today, friends and family will gather to celebrate her life. I hope you will celebrate with me and continue […]