How To Survive Daylight Saving Time With A Baby ~ Giveaway

Sleep, glorious sleep. I think we could all use more of it, right? As much as I look forward to spring, I dread the big sleep interruption — the start of Daylight Saving Time. Just when I think I’ve got my crew’s sleep patterns under control, it swoops in and messes with everyone’s schedule. Disruption […]

My Baby Had A Positive Newborn Screening Test – The Longest Three Weeks Of My Life

I blinked and everything felt different. One moment I was holding my perfect newborn, then suddenly everything felt like everything was slipping through my hands as I heard the doctor tell us she had a positive newborn screening for a rare genetic disorder. A rare genetic disorder.   She was four days old, and we were […]

Surviving The First Month With Baby: Tips From A Mom Of Three

In some ways, everything gets easier by the time baby number three arrives. In other ways, baby number three is just as hard as the first. What I have grown in confidence, I still lack in brain power to remember. The mommy brain struggle is real. But I have learned a thing or two that […]

How To Get Free Baby Stuff New Moms!

Babies need a lot of stuff. They are the tiniest humans, and yet they need the most stuff. With the arrival of baby number three, I started all over again. It has been five years since our last baby, so we had long passed on our baby stuff. So I was all about getting free […]

Choosing The Perfect Maternity Photo Dress

When it came time for baby number three, I was determined to have maternity photos taken in the perfect maternity photo dress. For some unknown reason I never wanted to do a maternity photo session with my first two pregnancies. In fact, I was very against it with my first born and with my second I only […]

Bigger Better Chuck E Cheese’s Birthday Parties

Just when you thought a Chuck E Cheese’s birthday party at couldn’t get any better, the fun got bigger and better! More themes, new cakes and a bigger goodie bag are all part of the new offers, and according to my girls everything at Chuck E Cheese’s is just, “So much fun!” This Chuck E Cheese’s Birthday […]

Celebrating Family Milestones Big And Small

This post about celebrating family milestones is sponsored by March of Dimes. When babies are small, it seems like there are milestones around every corner. From the first bath to the first steps, it always feels like babies are achieving new milestones. But milestones don’t stop after the first birthday, there are always new milestones to […]

A New Color And A New Look – Big Girl Room Reveal

I love the color Sissy picked for her room. What a difference color makes. Although we still haven’t hung anything on her walls, things are coming together well. And the best part is, she is so happy! What more could a mom want? A big thanks to Valspar Paint for sponsoring this post. I was worried […]

Baby #3 Announcement (Surprise!!!)

Earlier this month I surprised friends and family with a baby #3 announcement, and it was a lot of fun. On a Wednesday evening, around 6:30, I posted this: January 2017 And then we waited… It didn’t take long before the first people saw it (all blogger friends), and soon my phone was blowing up with […]

5 Ways To Entertain The Whole Family On A Road Trip

As we gear up for our summer road trip, I am busy planing hotels, activities and ways to keep the kids occupied on the drive. Like many road trips part of our trip will be on boring highways, and during those portions of the drive I don’t mind screen time to keep them occupied. But […]

Choosing The Perfect Paint For A Big Girl Room

After months of searching for the perfect “big girl” bed and bedding, Sissy recently moved into her new room. She’s settled in nicely, and I love how the furniture works in the room, but months later we still haven’t gotten around to painting her walls. They’re sad and plain walls, with big holes left over from the board that used […]

The Ultimate Disney Photo Checklist (Printable Checklist)

Capture your family’s Disney memories with the ultimate Disney photo checklist to help you remember to take pictures of the details big and small. Download the Disney Photo Checklist here.  I’ve lost track of the number of times my family has visited Disney, we are spoiled by living so close and do our best to take advantage […]

12 Things To Do With A Preschooler At Busch Gardens

When my husband first had the idea to take our daughters (ages 8 and 4) to Busch Gardens for my oldest’s birthday, I wondered if there was enough for us to do for a full day. It had been more than 10 years since my last visit, and all I could remember were the awesome rollercoasters. […]

Chuck E Cheese’s Tax Day BOGO Pizza

Have you done your taxes yet? I just got the bill and ouch! That self-employment tax hurts. Paying taxes is no fun, but it is fun to take advantage of great tax deals businesses offer to their customers to relieve some of the day’s sting. Bring on the perks! One great deal is Chuck E Cheese’s tax day BOGO […]

Celebrate Graduates With A Shutterfly Graduation Annoucement + Giveaway

The end of the school year is an important rite of passage for students of all ages, but for graduating seniors it is a monumental occasion. One that should be celebrated and reflected upon. This year I will wish two special young ladies a happy graduation as they move onto the next chapter in their […]