Best Summer Ever Pool Party

Beach Ball Pool Party

Summer and pool parties go hand in hand, and we love a good pool party. So even though we had a pool party at the beginning of summer, by mid summer it felt like time to throw another one. Hey, I am going for the best summer ever here. The guests were invited, snacks were […]

Back To School: Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

Free Lunch Box Notes Printables

As we get ready for the back to school season, I am making lists of things I need to get and things I need to do. In the process, I came across the Lunch Box Notes that I designed for my daughter last year as she headed off to Kindergarten. It was a big year […]

DIY Wine Cork Monogram Craft

Monogram Wine Cork Craft

Do you save the cork when you open a bottle of wine? Every time we open a bottle, we toss ours in to a tall vase. We’ve been saving for years, and now that our cork vase was full (again) I decided it was time to do something with all of those corks – it was craft time.

DIY Chevron Pencil Holder Tutorial ~ Giveaway

DIY Chevron Pencil Holder

A few months ago, we found K the perfect little desk, and I have been slowly filling it with fun accessories. But I haven’t been able to find her a pencil holder that I really liked. Temporarily she had them on a small tray, but they were getting out of control. So I decided to make one.

5 Road Trip Survival Rules For Traveling With Kids + Free Printable License Plate Game

Road Trip With Kids Games Ideas

We recently took our first and second road trips with the girls, and survived. I have never been a big fan of car travel, even less so with kids. But we broke our two-hour rule taking them in the car for four- and six-hour road trips. It seemed like a crazy idea, but it was […]

Octonauts Birthday Party Free Printable Bingo Game

Free Printable Octonauts Bingo

As I planned my daughter’s Octonauts Birthday Party, I had to come up with some ideas to keep the kids entertained. My initial thought was to create a trivia game based on the show, but I quickly realized that it was very likely that not all guests were as obsessed with the show as my […]

12 Free 4th of July Printables ~ Signs, Games, Banners & More

12 Free 4th of July Printables

Are you planning a big 4th of July celebration? Us too! There will be lots of family, food and fireworks! I can’t wait! Of course, it isn’t a party without decorations, even small get togethers need a splash of red, white and blue, right?! To help make your party look fabulous I rounded up 12 of […]

Cabbage And Pineapple Slaw Burger

Miracle Whip Slaw Burger

Got big plans for a summer BBQ? Then I have a big burger to feed your guests — the Cabbage And Pineapple  Slaw Burgers. It is tangy, sweet and has a spicy kick! Your guests are going to gobble it up, and you are going to love how easy it is to dress up your burgers. […]

Easy 4th of July Flag Kids Craft

Kids Craft 4th of July Upcycled Flag Craft

The craft stores are lined with expensive craft supplies. My own shelves are lines with expensive craft supplies for that matter. But when it comes to kids crafts, the best ones are made with simple materials — like this one. In fact, this craft is made with “trash.” Upcycled Materials A couple of years ago, […]

4th Of July “Stained Glass” Red, White & Blue Star Cookies

4th of July Stained Glass Star Cookies

The 4th of July is a big holiday in my family. A big family reunion at the beach, lots of memories made and lots of good eats. This year I have a very special treat for everyone, and I could squeal with delight how well they turned out.  Stained Glass Red, White & Blue Star […]

20+ Beautiful Ice Cream Cakes

Beautiful Ice Cream Cakes

For a girl with a sweet tooth, I have never been a big fan of cake. That is unless you are talking about my weakness… ice cream cake. Then it’s all over. Oh my, I love me some ice cream cake! I’ve never made an ice cream cake, but after a friend bragged about how […]

4th of July Star Sun Catchers: Kids Craft

4th of July Sun Catchers Kids Craft

We enjoyed making heart sun catchers for Valentine’s Day so much, making a summer star sun catchers for 4th of July was a must. In addition to being pretty hanging in the window, I love that this craft is made with materials you can find around your house. Great for a last-minute project on a rainy day. If […]

How To Grill Pizza

How To Grill Pizza

Have you ever grilled a pizza? Did you even know you could grill a pizza? Until recently, I didn’t know. But after trying it I have to tell you that it’s awesome. It’s quick, easy and delicious. This summer, you’ve gotta try it! According to a new KRC Research and JACK’S Pizza survey, Americans are stuck […]

Frozen-Inspired Blue Velvet Cupcakes ~ Giveaway

Cupcakes Blue Velvet

My girls live and breathe Disney’s Frozen. My oldest believes that she is Elsa, my youngest — well, she is infatuated with Kristoff. (No really, she is!) And the soundtrack, well I am pretty sure I have listened to it every time I have been in the car since Christmas.  Her birthday is in March, […]

4th of July Coffee Filter Fireworks Pom Poms

Coffe Filter Pom Poms Craft

Summer is the perfect time to try new crafts, especially on rainy afternoons. If you are in search of an easy and entertaining craft that results in a cute 4th of July decoration this is your project. I expected my girls to decorate maybe 10 coffee filters before moving on, but nearly two hours later we decorated more than 50 […]