Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

It is full-blown Star Wars mania in our house. This summer we introduced the girls to Star Wars, and they are obsessed. In fact, they will both be Star Wars characters for Halloween, and Sissy’s favorite birthday gift was her light saber! We can’t wait for the new chapter in December. For now, we have the Star […]

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Playmation

In August I got a first look at Playmation, and as soon as I saw it in action I knew my girls would be totally into it. So I was excited to receive an advance copy to review with my family. Playmation is unlike anything you have seen before, and it is so much fun! […]

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Will Put A Spell On You

Well Disney has done it again. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was made even better (who knew that was possible?!) by the addition of a brand new stage show during the Magic Kingdom’s Halloween celebration. Not just any stage show, this one featured my favorite Halloween movie of all time — Hocus Pocus. And oh, the […]

5 Things You Should Know About The Muppets On ABC

When I sat down to listen to the Muppets panel at the D23Expo, I was filled with nostalgia. I mean come on, it is The Muppets! How exciting to hear the puppeteers behind some of my favorite characters talk about the new show, The Muppets, airing Tuesday nights on ABC. And I am thrilled to say […]

Be Kind And Have Courage Printable Sign

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Disney’s Cinderella is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD and it is time to relive the magic all over again. (And again and again if your kids watch movies like mine.) I love everything about this retelling of Disney’s classic tale and most of all that this version of Cinderella has a lot […]

Help Share A Million Words of Kindness

There are so many things I want to teach my children, perhaps one of the most important things is kindness. True kindness that comes with compassion and forgiveness. Despite everything else, I hope they will see the good in people, in themselves and in their mother. So I try every day to be a better person, […]

It’s Game Time With Disney Interactive – Kingdom Hearts 3, Disney Infinity 3.0, Playmation, Star Wars Battlefront And More

For gamers the Disney Interactive panel was the place to be at the D23 Expo with huge announcements for Kingdom Hearts 3, Disney Infinity 3.0, Playmation, Star Wars Battlefront and more. There is so much great stuff coming from these big games in the next few months — something for everyone. Kingdom Hearts 3 In […]

Fun Facts From A Live Disney Silly Symphony Concert

For those of us who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, it is hard to imagine having to go to a theater to see a short cartoon. One that was black and white with no sound no less. But the history of cartoons and how they went from those early days to the full-length films […]

Miles From Tomorrowland DVD + Back To School Gear Review ~ Giveaway

Miles, Miles, Miles From Tomorrowland. Disney Junior’s space exploring family has taken over our house with terms like “Let’s rocket,” “Starshine,” “Blastastic” and “Aw, craters” making their way into my family’s everyday vocabulary. In fact, I venture to say that Miles From Tomorrowland is to Sissy what Octonauts was once to K. There are big plans […]

5 Disneyland Tips From A Disney World Pro

When you’ve spent your whole life dreaming of going to Disneyland it feels odd to be considered a Disneyland expert on your third trip in three years, but that’s just how I felt when I celebrated Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary. When this Disney World girl took her first trip to Disneyland in 2013 I had no idea I […]

Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection And H2O+ Present The #ShareYourLegacy Sweepstakes

Hang around me long enough and you are bound to hear me start humming singing one of my favorite Disney tunes. Disney music has a way of staying with you, and I have more favorite Disney songs than I could possibly count. I could try to blame it on the kids who like to listen […]

Disney Playmation: The Hottest Tech For Kids

If you want to scoop on the hottest tech that your kids are going to want for Christmas, this is it. Disney Playmation is totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and Christmas morning you and the kids are going to have a blast playing with it. Because it is as much fun for mom and […]

Marvel, Disney And Lucas Films Live-Action Announcements From D23 Expo

As exciting (and noisy) as the animation panel was exciting I was in for a big surprise with the live-action panel at the D23 Expo. I am not kidding when I say the room when NUTS on several occasions. People camped out for hours to get into the room packed with 7,500 people, and they were […]

New Details About What’s Coming From Pixar And Disney Animation

During the D23 Expo Disney-Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios shared news about their gigantic (pun intended) lineups of animated films currently in production. It was crazy to be in the audience as 7,500 fans went crazy over each huge announcement and guest appearance. Listening to the three-hour presentation everyone grew more and more excited with each surprise. In […]

Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land And Avatar Land Coming To Walt Disney World

Of all of the exciting announcements made during the D23 Expo I was most excited to learn about what is to come for the Disney Parks. I could not wait to hear how rumored updates to the park would shake out, and I was thrilled with the surprises Disney Parks had to share. The biggest […]