UPS Goes Green

I guess I have been a bit out of the loop, since I don’t spend much time in the office any more, but UPS has introduced a Reusable Express Envelope. I love it! I have always hated those 1-time-use packs, bringing them home with me to be recycled. Now you can use them 2xs — […]

I Know Her Nose is Red – It is a Birthmark…

When my daughter was born, my brother-in-law was leery about coming into meet her. He saw the red marks all over her face, and he was worried for her. He was worried that she was “scarred” for life. From the first instant, he was worried about how people would react to her for the rest of […]

Save Money by Buying Gift Cards Cheap!

I love eBay! Perhaps it is genetic, but I just can’t resist a good deal, and I love finding the angle.  Recently, the need for a high-end purchase prompted me to look for an angle to save money, and boy did I do so. How would you like to save between 10–20 percent on your […]

Searching For “The Perfect Stroller”

Searching For “The Perfect Stroller” By the time my daughter was 14 months old, we had owned (at least temporarily) 7 strollers! Yes, it is a bit nuts, but I freely admit I am picky and was looking for “the perfect stroller.” Before you jump to the conclusion that I must not have done my […]

Facts about the National Do Not Call Registry

If you are tired of the phone ringing with unwanted solicitations during dinner, you aren’t alone. And, if you haven’t heard, there is a solution.  The National Do Not Call Registry is enforced by the FTC and the FCC, and it gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home and on […]

Recycle Your Ink Cartridges for Charity

I have always been “into” recycling, but the birth of our daughter kicked that up a notch. In our house, we are lucky enough to have great curb-side recycling that picks up all plastics, glasses and papers, but there are still things I can’t recycle (as easily) that it kills me to throw away. I […]