Glow In The Dark Star Wars Craft

My girls can’t get enough Star Wars. So I was delighted to partner with General Mills Big G Cereal to create a craft inspired by the glow in the dark Star Wars decals found in specially-marked packages. This glow in the dark Star Wars craft was met with squeals of delight when I showed it to my […]

Introducing The IZEA App

One of the greatest things I have done for my family is to start this blog, and then turn it into a business. Blogging professionally isn’t easy by any means, but I love it. And learning to use my voice on various social media channels has been the key to earning a living blogging. Thanks to IZEA, working on the go just got easier with the IZEA App.

Today Is Going To Be A Great Day Free Printable And Bathroom Refresh

I like to change up the decor in our house. From new accessories to a brand new home office, I always have a project (or 10) in the works. Sometimes a great makeover is as simple as a few new accessories and fresh fluffy towels. That’s all it took to give my master bath a fresh and […]

Disney’s Zootopia From Story To Animation

Before one animated character is drawn, it is all about the story. And when I met with the story team from Disney’s Zootopia I learned that the process to get the story exactly right is on going from initial ideas through the last deadline, changes big and small happen can happen everyday and to any scene. “The movie […]

Mr And Mrs Potato Head Craft For A Toy Story Birthday Party

I had an absolute blast creating my daughter’s Toy Story birthday party. It is such a fun theme, and there are so many ways to go with it. One of the most requested things since posting the party a year ago is my Mr and Mrs Potato Head craft. If you are throwing a Toy Story […]

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Ideas

My little space explorer knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate her 4th birthday – with a Miles from Tomorrowland Birthday Party. So I set out on a mission to create an out-of-this-world party featuring Miles, Merk and the whole Calisto family. Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Inside our very own Stellasphere, the space-themed birthday […]

Fun Facts From The Agent Carter Set And Peggy Carter’s Red Hat

It isn’t every day you get to go on the set of one of your favorite TV shows, and it certainly isn’t every day that you get to try on the star’s most iconic accessory. But on that day, you do your best to take in everything, remember every detail and, of course, post for a […]

Free Shopkins Valentines Printable Cards

Shopkins… once you shop, you can’t stop! If your daughter is as crazy for Shopkins as mine, she is going to love these Free Shopkins Valentines printables. I am so excited about how these came out, and my daughter can’t wait to hand them out as classroom Valentines. I have a sneaky suspicion, I may […]

Free Printable Star Wars Valentines

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I asked my four year old what kind of Valentines she wanted to give out this year. I wasn’t the least surprised when she said Star Wars Valentines! Ask and you shall receive little Padawan. Hot off the presses, I give you free printable Star Wars Valentines! Free Printable Star […]

Body After Baby – What’s Normal?

Everything is different after having a baby, and I am not just talking about the life-changing event of welcoming a baby into your life and sleep patterns. I am talking about changes to your body. From stretched out ligaments to shifted internal organs – some things go back to the way they were on their […]

Happy Cheese Lovers Day From Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza ~ Giveaway

Cheese is one of my favorite food groups. In fact, I have this food theory that any food can be made better with either cheese or chocolate added. Go ahead, test me. I have yet to find a food (that I like to eat) that isn’t better with either cheese or chocolate (or both!).  Carrots? […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Agent Carter Season 2

Agent Carter season 2 is back in a new city with new adventures, new characters and new costumes. But don’t worry, everything you love about Agent Carter remains from the quick wit to the lovable characters. I had the opportunity to visit the Agent Carter set and meet Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), James D’Arcy (Jarvis) […]

Feed Your Hungry Fans Football Taco Bowls + Free Football Printable

Got a football crowd to feed? You need something easy and filling to feed your hungry fans. You need football taco bowls and game day brownies to cheer on your winning team. The great thing about this game day meal is that it is just as easy to feed a large crowd as it is to […]

Florida Hospital For Women Grand Opening – Get A Mammogram, Give A Mammogram

The new Florida Hospital for Women is celebrating its grand opening ceremony January 21, 2016, and Central Florida residents are invited to enjoy the festivities. During the family-friendly event guests will be invited to enjoy refreshments and activities. As part of my ongoing partnership with Florida Hospital, I will be there with my family to check out the […]

Add More Fruits And Veggies To Your Diet With A Strawberry Banana & Veggie Smoothie

Like most people, I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. I like fruit and vegetables, but most days I tend to nosh on something else. In an effort to eat more good stuff, I started making myself a daily veggie smoothie. I used to make just a basic strawberry banana smoothie, but over time I have started adding veggies to my […]