Road Trip Road Sign Bingo Free Printable

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One of the challenges of a road trip is “eyes up.” My oldest is happy to bury her nose in a book while my youngest just wants another movie. For long highway driving, this works for me so everyone is happy. But when we get off the highway, I want my kids to look out the window and enjoy the scenery. I love to use games to keep their eyes looking out the window at the world around them. Although the license plate game is one of our all-time favorites, this summer I decided to try something new — road sign bingo.

Road Signs Bingo

Road Trip Road Sign Bingo Free Printable

Since road trips and “I’m hungry” seem to go hand and hand we make Road Sign Bingo a little more interesting by turning it into a snacking game. Each time someone finds one of the road signs on the board and calls it out for everyone to see, everyone gets to eat a FLIPZ® Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel or White Fudge Covered Pretzel.

(Emphasis on everyone gets to eat a FLIPZ®, we tried only the spotter gets to eat but there were always complaints, “I was going to say that.” So everyone eats, and everyone wins!)

Flipz Road Trip Game

It’s a fun way to dole out snacks. Everyone starts with their own plastic baggie of FLIPZ® (again to prevent fighting) with a mom-approved number of FLIPZ®. Then the kids snack as they search. Sometimes we will find several signs in a row, then it could be hours before we find more. It’s like eating dessert all day!

Depending on how quickly you find road signs where you are traveling, the rules can be adjusted to snacking on FLIPZ® each time the team gets BINGO. Bonus, this is a great chance to teach kids about what all of the road signs mean. Even non readers can recognize most signs. 

My family loves FLIPZ®, the perfect combination of salty and sweet that keeps you going back for another handful. So it makes for a delicious treat to make the game even more fun. 

Flipz Road Trip

Download the Road Sign Bingo game here

After the image opens, right click the image to save it to your computer. From your computer, you can print the images full size. 

The game will print with two boards on one page. Kids can mark off the road signs as they find them with pencils or stickers. We use clipboards to keep our printable games organized.  

Road Trip Road Sign Bingo Printable

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