Transfer Any Image To A Glass Plate

A few months ago, a friend gave me a challenge – to create a DIY tabletop display for independent sales reps. I had this idea for an image transfer to glass that I had been wanting to try for a while so it seemed like the perfect time to test it out. The result is a DIY glass plate that can be created from any image. 

My friend had just started selling Younique, so I used the company’s logo and colors to test my project. Since she had just started selling Younique, I thought I would mail her the plate when I was done, but then I decided to become and independent sale rep with Younique so I kept the plate. 

Younique Craft Project
*** Even though I used Younique, this could be created with any logo or even a photo. The possibilities are endless.***

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your tabletop display? This easy, yet striking project will look pretty on your table and get conversation started with potential customers, everyone will want to know how you made it. And although it looks complicated and there are several steps, it is really quite simple to create – I promise. Each step takes only a few minutes; the biggest time involvement is drying time in between.

Once you have your plate, the possibilities for its use are endless — display business cards or product, place it on a plate stand to serve as a background to give your display height, serve candy or even cookies on it. 


  • Mod Podge – Glossy or Matte
  • Sponge Brush
  • Glass Plate from the Dollar Store
  • LASER copy of your logo
  • Tissue Paper
  • Water


Print a copy of your logo on a laser printer. If you don’t have one, go to a copy store. An ink jet printer image will not transfer well. Once you have your image, cut the image to fit the bottom of your plate. 

Image Transfer Glass Mod Podge Younique
Brush a generous layer of Mod Podge onto your image, and adhere it onto the outside of your glass plate. Smooth out any air bubbles, but be careful the paper tears easily. Allow it to dry overnight.

Mod Podge Image Transfer Glass
Once dry, wet the plate with a sponge and rub off the paper. Do not use your fingernails to scrape – just rub. When all of the paper fibers have been removed, your image along with an opaque background will remain. Allow the plate to dry.

Tip – remove every bit of paper you can, otherwise you will see it later. I suggest letting it sit for a bit, then come back and rewet it and rub some more. 

Younique Logo Transfer
Trace your plate onto tissue or other decorative paper for the background and it cut out.

When the plate is dry brush another generous layer of Mod Podge directly on to the back of the plate (both over the image and up the sides) and carefully place the tissue paper circle to your plate. Smooth out wrinkles and bubbles with your fingers, but taking care not to rip the paper. 

Mod Podge Decorative Plate
Allow the plate to dry, and then apply two coats of Mod Podge to the back of the tissue paper to seal your project. 

Younique Decorative DIY Plate
To clean – do not submerge the plate in water, clean with a damp cloth so as to not damage the paper backing.

There you have it, and easy decorative plate with any image or logo you can think of.

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  1. This is a cool idea and it would make a perfect decoration. You could even give it as a wedding gift with their initials and wedding date. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Will you make this for me? I will be glad to pay you!

  3. Suzy Harikiopoulo says:

    Hi. Thank you for this simple technique. I have tow questions. First can I use medium gel instead of the mod podge white glue? Can we use the plate for food serving and thus wash it afterwards? Thank you in advance.

    • Medium gel is very different than Mod Podge, so I don’t believe it would work the same. (Although I haven’t tried it.) If you transfer your image to the back of the plate, like I did, then yes, you could serve food on it. It must be carefully handwashed, and I wouldn’t wash the back of the plate. But you could serve cookies or something simple on top of the plate.

  4. Hi so I came across your post and LOVE your idea. That being said I am NOT crafty at all. I was wondering if perhaps you would be willing to make some plates fir my presenters table? If you could possibly email me if you are willing and we could discuss price. Thank you so much and these look GORGEOUS!

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