15 Sunday Night Grill Recipes – Entrees, Sides & Desserts

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After a lazy Sunday afternoon, one of our favorite things to do is grill up some dinner and eat on the porch. Of course, we could grill all year long here in Florida, but it seems that during the winter months we forget about this treasured family tradition.

Grilling season is nearly upon us, and we have our propane tank ready for a summer full of grilled meals. Although we fall back on cheeseburgers a lot (yum!), there are so many different things that can be made on the grill. And it doesn’t have to just be the entrée.

To help inspire us to try some new grilling recipes, I rounded up 15 mouthwatering Sunday Night Grilling Recipes. The collection includes entrees, sides and even dessert. Yes, dessert! Have you ever tried dessert on the grill? I haven’t but this summer we are going to.

Check out the slideshow below filled with yummy grilled recipes. Be sure to click through the slideshow to see the rest of the recipes in my Foodie collection, and, of course, check out the full recipes.

I also included a couple of our favorites like Marinated Flank Steak (with a homemade marinate), grilled pork tenderloin and grilled corn on the cob. By the way, we used to always boil our corn, but after discovering the deliciousness of grilling corn – no more. We are a grilled corn on the cob family from now on.

Oh, and in case you are wondering. We make our cheeseburgers with Montreal Steak Seasoning. It has the best flavor and makes the best burgers. It is my husband’s go-to seasoning; he uses it on steaks, chicken, etc. It really does make the best burgers. (So there is a bonus #16 recipe – kind of.)

This summer, I hope you get to spend some lazy Sunday nights grilling with the family. And remember to think beyond just your entrée, I know we will.

Happy Grilling. 

15 Grill Recipes Entrees Sides Desserts


  1. keely hostetter says:

    We love to grill. sounds like some yummy options. We just need the weather to cooperate so we can try some out!

  2. ellen beck says:

    We love to grill. So much so that my husband will grill out in a blizzard! Of course corn isnt in season, but burgers hot dogs and steaks are always better grilled! I agree corn on the cob on the grill cant be beat. I am in Iowa and you cant get any fresher than the corn stands!

  3. Melissa Weatherford says:

    Yum! We are the kind of family that can’t wait to bust out the grill! In fact we’ve been known to BBQ with snow still on the ground. I also adore Montreal steak seasoning and buy it in bulk from azure so that I can always have it on hand. I am going to pin these so I don’t lose them :-)

  4. These recipes sound so good! I need to make that Coca Cola Chicken! YUM!

  5. courtney b says:

    ohh i like the skewers.. i dont know why if something is on a stick it just tastes better lol

  6. Pam Flynn says:

    I really am enjoying your recipe ideas and also the Easter Egg fun ideas!

  7. Pam Gurganus says:

    My family loves to grill! Thank you for this collection and for including sides and desserts! I can’t wait to try grilling corn on the cob! :)

  8. Christina Sparks says:

    We love to BBQ we try to grill food once a week…YUMMY!

  9. Susan Smith says:

    These recipes sound so good, we grill at least once a week all year round

  10. kelly tupick says:

    We love grilling and this is how we kick of the summer. We love making chicken kabobs and steaks on the grill.

  11. Birdiebee says:

    I also love to grill and am always looking for new recipes to try out. Thank you for the wonderful recipes. It is still not quite outdoor grilling time where I live. We have got to wait for some of the snow to quit and the winds to die down before heating up the barbie.

  12. we love to grill and all that food makes me hungry

  13. Alisha sienkiel says:

    I can’t wait for it to warm up so we can start grilling. These recipes look delicious and i will have to try some this summer! :)

  14. Food tastes so much better off the BBQ (Grill depending on what you call it) indeed :) I really like experimenting with different foods like fruits

  15. Betty Baez says:

    Oh boy all of these look mouthwatering delicious! I have my eye on the Grilled Chicken Skewers with Asian Sweet Chili BBQ Glaze, the Grilled Tomatoes with Basil Vinaigrette, and for the kids the grilled cinnamon banana dessert pizza. We’re pulling out the grill for the first time of the season this weekend I just may have to try these!

  16. We love grilling, but I always forget about grilling dessert. I’ve always wanted to try it! So glad you reminded me! Definitely going to try that now!

  17. All of those look good. Can I come over to your house on Sunday nights?!

  18. joansmirth says:

    These would be perfect now that the weather is getting warmer. Thanks for the recipes.

  19. christine jessamine says:

    I love anything grilled. I am very excited for this summer, I cant wait to use our grill more often!

  20. I am SO ready to grill. It’s manly. Thanks for the tips.

  21. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love grilled food! These are very inspiring for the warm weather we are starting to have!

  22. RICHARD HICKS says:

    There are many recipes to choose from. Several of them I want to try right away!

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