Wordless Wednesday ~ Tiny Dancer

Last week K had her first dance recital. I could not be more proud of my little girl. She was beautiful and so grown up! All of the dancers received trophies, and you would have thought she won the lottery. She was soooo happy! I may have taken too many pictures, nearly 400… But here is a quick sampling of my favorites. (And in my defense, I was shooting on rapid fire through two dance routines!)


  1. those are beautiful pictures! Oh your heart must have swelled a million times bigger – did you cry? Cause I sure cried at my daughter’s first recital :)

  2. How precious!! My daughter had her second recital last weekend. I just love seeing their personalities shine up on stage. I never make it through one of her routines without crying. Such a proud moment to see them up there doing their thing. Looks like your daughter had a wonderful time!!! :)

    I have a WW posted if you’d like to stop by and check it out!!

  3. Awww! She is just precious! I love how happy she looks in that last photo, what a fun night!

  4. She looks so precious! I’ll bet you felt just the same looking at her as I felt seeing my son in the little boy bat-catcher gear today. :) There’s something about seeing them looking so grown up that just touches the heart!

  5. Beautiful young lass..Dance recitals are so enjoyable.

  6. so sweet! so beautiful!

  7. She looks adorable in her dance dress!

  8. She is absolutely adorable! Great photos!

  9. Looks like she’s enjoying her big moment!! Adorable :))


  10. How sweet is she?!?

  11. Great pictures! She’s adorable!

  12. Oh my goodness!! Those are some sweet photos! I love that she got 3 bouquets of flowers!

  13. AWW! How precious!

  14. OMG! adorable.

  15. She is adorable!! I love that color on her, too. :)

  16. Great shots! She is beautiful!

  17. she’s adorable!!

  18. She is so precious! Beautiful photos.

  19. Jen, she is sooooo cute!

  20. Oh my lanta! She is adorable!

  21. looks like she had a great time. Adorable! Happy WW!

  22. She’s beautiful and looks like she’s having so much fun!

  23. Adorable, she looks like she loves it!

  24. Oh I bet you are one proud mama and you totally should be! She is absolutely adorable! Oh My Goodness!

  25. So cute! She even had a change of skirts – ADORABLE! Well, better that you got too many pictures versus not enough! Congrats to her and you too, mommy :)

  26. So precious. I wish my daughters were girly girls sometimes.

  27. Beautiful! I loved that my sister did recitals like this growing up, it’s something my daughter just never got into.

  28. I so love the second photo, so sweet!

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday- hope you can stop by..


  29. These pictures are so precious. What An amazingly special moment in her life and yours too! Thanks for sharing :). I am so looking forward to this one day with my sweet girl :). Way to go K!!!!


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