Wordless Wednesday ~ Me And My Girls

Over the weekend, my family and I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference at Disney’s Yacht Club. We had an amazing weekend, and I even managed to get a few pictures with my girls.

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  1. Aww! Your girls are too cute! It’s great when mom can actually be in the photo with the kids once in awhile! :)

  2. Your daughters are beautiful. It looks like you have some great memories and photos to look back at.

  3. Oh I love the pics!! Such cute kids you have!

  4. What great pictures Jenn! You look great and so do the girls!

  5. Such cuties you have!!! Looks like y’all had an amazing time!

  6. Those are great pictures!!

  7. Aw it looks like you had fun!

  8. Love the pictures! Looks like y’all had a blast :).

  9. You got some great photos! So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

  10. Aww looks like you had a blast! I bet you made great memories with your girls.


  11. The blinged out ears are awesome! Such cute pictures of you guys!

  12. Beautiful photos! We had such a wonderful time at the conference. Your girls are so sweet :)

  13. Y’all are so cute! It looks like you really had a fun time.

  14. great photos!

  15. Oh I love it! I just want to squeeze those little baby legs :)

  16. Brittany C says:

    Love the pictures! I have 2 girls around the same age. Its the most wonderful thing in the world to be a Mommy! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Looks like you had a great time, cute pictures.

  18. I bet that was a BLAST – everyone looks adorable!

  19. super cute!!

  20. Absolutely precious!

  21. Maryann says:

    How wonderful. What a great experience.

  22. Carolyn g says:

    How fun. They are precious!!

  23. What a beautiful set of girls!!!

  24. OH wow! I love all of the pictures, so beautiful!

  25. 3 beautiful girls in the photo :D

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