Two Free LeapPad Explorer and LeapPad App Codes

If you’re kiddos have a LeapFrog Explorer or LeapPad, here are two codes you can redeem for FREE apps from the LeapFrog App Store. Just look for the “redeem code” button in the bottom-right corner of the app store in the LeapFrog Connect software.

  • Alphabet Stew - 5813-0790-4610-4973
  • The Book of Super Awesome Stuff - 5813-1140-1518-1413


  1. I cannot find anywhere to redeem a code or even buy those apps. Help?

    • Click on the “LeapPad Home” once in the connect software, then “Go to App Center.” You will see an arrow pointing down near the upper right hand corner – click this, choose “redeem code” and enter your code(s). The app(s) will begin downloading automatically once the codes have been entered.

  2. Thanks downloading now I appreciate it:)

  3. Thank you! My daughter is trying it out right now. Looks like she likes it.

  4. Yah – downloaded them, tx !!!!

  5. Thanks!

    Is there any free code?

  6. Thanks! Just got the Explorer for Christmas and my daughter loves it!

  7. melissa williams says:

    Thanks a ton! My daughter got a Leappad for Christmas, but we don’t have a lot on it yet, so those both helped a lot!

  8. These work. You don’t get much with the leappad for free so this is good!

  9. Keleashea Chalas says:

    Thank you sooooo much this is truly a gift and is well appreciated. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you so much!!!

  11. than you sooo much

  12. Thank you for this kind post. Like some of the other posts, my daughter just got this for Christmas and this was a nice addition

  13. Thank you soooo much!!!

  14. Twinshauler says:

    Thanks for the post. My twins each got a LeapPad for Christmas. It came with Alphabet Stew as a bundle, but the Book of Super Awesome Stuff is great. It still works today. By the way, if you buy an app for one LeapPad, all others in your house get it free.

  15. Whatzit Tooya says:

    Thank you very much! Worked on 1/2/12.

  16. I had to download the code separately to each of my (3) kids leappad. No biggie, but thought i would mention it in case others were wondering. Also, in response to twinshauler, apps you buy can only be downloaded to 2 leappads at a time. That stinks for us, since we have 3.

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing. I downloaded the apps for my son’s leappad.

  18. twinshauler says:

    Oops sorry, we only have 2, so I just assumed it worked for all that you set up on the download software.

  19. Love it, thanks!! I just downloaded the codes and my son is off playing away!!

  20. Thank you very much!! I also just downloaded them perfectly

  21. thanks. i had alaphabet stew but not the other one :)

  22. Darlene Fuller says:

    These are still working!!!

  23. Nicole Wilcox says:

    These still work! I just used them on 1/17/12.

  24. yes they are :D i downloaded both and they are still working

  25. I just gave my son his Leappad today for his 6th Birthday and the free apps worked. Anyone know if there are other codes out there yet?

  26. Thanks!

  27. Laura Olson says:

    Thanks a million. Just downloaded them on 01/25/12 and worked perfectly. Soooooo appreciated.

  28. Yes, still works 1/27/12 Works great thank so much for the codes :)

  29. Thankyou so much i have just tried this and the codes are still working 30/1/12.

  30. Thank you very much. That is greatly appreciated.
    Cheers :)

  31. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been looking for this.

  32. Thank you you rock!

  33. thank you!!

  34. THANKS, downloaded them on Feb 8 and work great. my daughter loves them. Be nice to find more.

  35. Thanks! Worked on 2/10/12 Took me awhile to figure out I had to connect the device to the computer first to be able to redeem the codes!! LOL

  36. Thank you so much. Was able to upload these apps to my daughters’ pads in no time.

  37. Clyde Smith says:

    Thank you so much! My son is definitely going to enjoy these!

  38. thnxz alot my daughter loves it!

  39. thank you!

  40. Works perfectly and you are so helpful in your instructions – my daughter and I thank you!

  41. thanks so much

  42. thanks so much

  43. Thanks so much! so glad they still worked!!

  44. ok i have a ? i entered both the codes and both apps were downloading but i only see one on the leappad. when i go to redeem the code again it saids that is has been redeemed, is there any way to get it again?

  45. thank you so much!!!!

  46. thank you so much!!

  47. WOW…AWESOME…thanks so much..just used both codes on my daughters new Leappad and they worked!!!!!
    Thanks again!!!!!!

  48. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! still works…thank you!!!

  49. dug in toronto says:

    Great! My daughter & son will both enjoy this…thanks tons Suburban Mom!

  50. Thank so much, my toddler son really love’s hes new apps. Thank you!!!!

  51. cant find it..!!is it done???? :(

  52. AWESOME! Worked today 4/1/2012 – no joke!

    • Thanks for letting me know Kathy – I keep thinking they will expire, so I love hearing that the codes still work! Enjoy!

  53. just did it for my little cousin IT WORKED!! now my uncle can relaxx lol

  54. Helen Ewing says:

    just did it and it worked!!!! happy easter to my son! well day late easter lol

  55. so awesome!! worked like a charm.

    thanks a ton:)

  56. Thanks a million!! I just got these 2 for free. My daughter is going to be thrilled :)

  57. Thank you so much!… I just downloaded the two games last night for my kids… The codes still works!!!

  58. Thanks!!! I just downloaded the games for my son and he is enjoying the games as I type!!!

  59. LeslieinAlaska says:

    Code are still working today!

  60. wicked worked today for us lol

  61. Still working 4/23/2012. THANK YOU!!!

  62. Still working ! GREAT ! 4/28/12

  63. Thanks this just worked 4 us today!!! 5/2

  64. joeburmeister says:

    Both worked for me too (May 6th)!! It’s amazing the things you find simply by doing a Google search! Thanks.

  65. thanks a lot. god bless

  66. They still worked today. 5/17/12. Thanks!!

  67. Still worked today!!! Thanks!!!

  68. Worked great and easily thanks

  69. you are awesome, thank you so much. I’m on a fixed income and it really came in handy!!!

  70. Awesome, just saved me $30!! Told her the CC was broken but she didn’t believe me :)

  71. Click on LeapPad Home. Go to the App Center. On the upper right hand curner, next to your email. Is an arrow, click on it. A drop down will pop up and you will see Redeem Code. Click on it and the app will be added to your account. Next time you connect your LeapPad it will download automatically. Good luck!

  72. it worked today 6/3/12

  73. it worked for me today! 6/5/12

  74. it just worked today

  75. No, I just used it and got both games. I just opened my Leap Connect for the Leap pad and went to the app center and then clicked on the bottem right corner redeem code. :) GL

  76. Thanks!!!! Just used it worked perfectly .

  77. It didn’t work:-( 6-19-2012

  78. tanx so much it worked my daughter is happy. 6/19/12

  79. thanx, it worked for us and we are sooo happy

  80. this worked for me today, i have just downloaded these 2 apps to my son’s leappad

  81. It worked as of 6/26

  82. Thank you so much. It works… today June 30, 2012

  83. gabriela says:

    the super awesome stuff still works. downloaded it today 7-1-12

  84. Thanks Vicky. Works!

  85. Thx a lot.. It worked :)

  86. Works great. You have to login into leapfrop account then apps then redem code.

  87. Codes work great! Thank you so very much. just bought for my daughter and didnt relize you had to pay so much for the “apps” these two will keep her occupied for a few days until payday, thank you so very much :)

  88. great it works 7/8/12. thank you

  89. Awwww, didn’t work. I am sad. :(

  90. Oh wait, I lied!!! It did!! lol Thanks!!!!

  91. Ctcrush75 says:

    Still works thanks! 7/20/12

  92. Jennifer says:

    Just got them for free for my daughter….THANKS!

  93. Thanks still works today!!! 7/24/12

  94. can someone please tell me where i put this code in? im new to all this and cant find anywhere that says where to put a code in, Thanks.

  95. Great stuff!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  96. Thank You Soo Much!! These Work Perfectly!!

  97. These both still worked today!! I’m so relieved because we just got a new leappad since his 1st was broken and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to get these games on it again!

  98. Thanks so much!!! Both codes worked for me today.

  99. Thank-you I love it and my daughter loves it too.

  100. I had to use the search in the app store and then, I noticed a bar on the right hand side that says Redeem Code. I entered my password and code and it worked! :)

  101. worked today 8/17/2012

  102. Yea, it worked! Thanks

  103. thanks a lot it works

  104. It worked today

  105. it worked today

  106. worked today 10/20/12

  107. Second code worked, 1st one is expired. downloaded on 10/26/12

  108. The second time I tried the 1st code it worked! Thanks! 10/26/12

  109. alphabet stew doesn’t work but the super book of awesome still does :)

  110. both worked 11/1/12

  111. Both worked 11/4/12 ~ Thanks :)

  112. Just downloaded both! Thanks!!

  113. does anyone know where else we can get other free apps..Thanx..

  114. Just got my 3yr the leappad 2 for his birthday. Ran across these codes while looked for promo coade and THEY WORKED!!! Thanks!!!!

  115. Kenya Davis says:

    Both worked for me! 11/15/2012
    Thank You!!! MUCHO!

  116. still works thanks

  117. Alicia Johnson says:

    I just ordered my daughter the leappad. I hope these codes still work when I get it.

  118. Both worked for me today! 11/21/12

  119. It worked today! Nov/24

  120. Still works

  121. both code still work

  122. these downloads do not work and i have been trying it for months what am i doing wrong?? 12/03/12

  123. tina navarrette says:

    thank you both the codes worked 12/5/12, has anyone had trouble with these my husband seems to think they may contain a virus

  124. No problem…they worked fine.

  125. What problems are you having…I just installed the games hoping they work okay? Just wanted to know what to look for :)

  126. No such thing as a virus on these tablets, the OS is proprietary and the only access to the developer APIs is restricted to major corporations. The market in kids tablets does not appeal to script kiddies or people propagating viruses, worms, and such maleware. Your husband is kind to be concerned but ignorant of the fact that it is just so freaking unlikely it borders on the absurd. I work as a retail tech manager with a million years of IT experience. After testing this thing, and using those codes above on 12/12/12, I assure you this is the safest device on the market.

  127. Helene ~ Make sure you are following the directions listed in the post. If you are adding the item to a shopping cart and trying to use the code, that will not work.

    You need to click the redeem button on the left side of the screen AFTER you login to Then follow the prompts.

    I too hope they work…. downloading now! Thanks!

  128. both codes work. getting the leappad ready for tomorrow

  129. i am so embaressed to admit that i am completely lost when it comes to this whole leappad thing..please help !!! shes had the bear and it never got used but now that shes more alert when it comes to electronics, i just git the leappad and it came 4 free apps but i am having trouble..

  130. Works on Christmas day 12/25/2012 and with promo code “stocking” $5 off $30

  131. they also are having buy 3 apps get one dont need a code it will automatically take it off once you have 4 in your cart….AND you can get $5 off of a $30 order. so my $47 purchase only cost me $37 plus i got 2 free books :) happy holidays!

  132. Worked 12/28/2012


  133. Worked Dec 29th. Thanks for sharing!! The box got thrown out Christmas morning in all the chaos so I didn’t get my codes

  134. Worked on Jan 2nd 2013

  135. worked today 1/3/2013

  136. worked today 1/5/2012

  137. It worked today. Thanks for the code.

  138. Both codes worked but took a long time to upload/sync.

  139. Both codes worked today – thanks so much!

  140. Codes worked today (1/22/13)!
    We’re grateful for some free stuff!!


  141. THANKS!! Just got one for my son and the codes both worked!!! AWESOME

  142. aaaawwww thanks you guys are AWESOME i used both codes TODAY and they still work, once again THANKS!

  143. 2/2/13!!! It still worked! Thanks Guys!

  144. loaded both codes on 2 leap pad 2 ‘s today
    worked perfectly

  145. It still works for me 2/10/2013. Thanks

  146. These codes worked for me today! 2/15/13 thank you!

  147. Still works! 2/15/13 thanks!

  148. Thanks so much it worked!

  149. I tried using the Alphabet Stew promo code, and it would not fit. Then I tried looking for the other app that is listed and it is not available.

  150. Worked Today!! 3/6/13

  151. It worked for me 3/31/13!!!

  152. Worked today 31/3/2013.
    Don’t copy and paste the codes. It doesn’t work like that.

    • I was able to copy and paste the codes right into Leap Frog Connect. Thank you so much! My little girl is so happy to have 2 new games!

  153. Worked 4/10/13! Nice, thank you.

  154. i like the codes i got and they and they work to so if anyone get some more codes please email it to me pls my email is thanks to who gave the code to everybody thanks alot

  155. Did it today and it worked also!!

  156. garnetta says:

    did it and it worked

  157. Brittany says:

    They’re still working!

  158. It worked today – August 2, 2013

  159. Michelle Lubbers says:

    These worked on August 19, 2013!! Thank you for posting!

  160. laura mercer says:

    i have just brought my little 1 a leappad and really appreciate the free apps thank u very much. if any one has any more it would be greatly appreciated if you could email me them thank u in advance x

  161. I worker 10/3/13 thanks :)

  162. I just tried these 10/20/13 they still work


  163. Thanks a lot! my toddler is overjoyed! These codes still worked today. Please send me more redeem codes if possible.
    Thank you again!

  164. Excellent! Thank you so much :)

  165. Thank you for the codes!! I just got a Leap pad2 for my daughter. Thank you so much!!

  166. 12/11/2013!! It worked for me!!

  167. Worked for me 12-25-13…Thanks

  168. Thank you so much!! Was able to get these on my daughter’s Christmas gift :)

  169. Still working 1/9/14..Anyone know of more?

  170. Thanks:)

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