Back to School with TJ Maxx And Marshall’s~ $25 Giveaway

Back-to-school shopping is more than just shopping for crayons, notepads and pencils – it’s also about shopping for the latest trends for your students. And the latest trends, like everything else, can add up in a hurry especially if your kiddos have fashion opinions of there own (which mine does, if you consider PINK a fashion opinion).

Two of my favorite places to shop are TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Of course, I love the discounted prices, but I also love the thrill of the hunt. At TJ Maxx and Marhsall’s you never know what you are going to find because the inventory changes weekly. Yes, weekly. In fact, each store receives 10,000 new pieces of new merchandise weekly to restock the shelves. That’s a lot of stuff.

TJ Maxx

With so many things to offer, it is a rare trip to TJ Maxx that I leave with empty hands. Of course, our TJ Maxx is also attached to a Home Goods — so it is double trouble for me! (Picked up a shelf and canvas for K’s room today!)

Right now TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are ready for back-to-school shoppers from hot trends in clothes, shoes, accessories, backpacks and more.

Back to School

Here’s something to think about… TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are off-price retailers, rather than discount retailers. This means that while both off-price retailers and a discount retailers might sell backpacks for $19.99, the off-price one was made to sell for $40, whereas the discount retailer’s was made to sell for $19.99. Interesting thought…

While K doesn’t know name brands yet, there comes a day in every girl’s fashion life that they want to wear name brands (boys too). If your student is addicted to name brands, you gotta shop TJ Maxx and Marshall’s to save.


Giveaway – To help kick start your shopping, one lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to TJ Maxx / Marshall’s. 

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Disclosure – This post and giveaway are brought to you buy TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Love TJ Maxx! I love hunting and finding something cool. Love the selection of holiday decor too.

  2. My favorite fall trend is the come back of bell bottoms!

  3. My favorite fall trend is always jeans. They are so comfy and I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so we can wear them again!

  4. Vicky Carlson says:

    I think the Fall neutrals are very nice. :)

  5. My favorite trend is cute sweaters and cardis for layering!

  6. My favorite fall trend are brightly colored skirts!

  7. My favorite fall trend is tunic-length hoodies and fun leggings.

    Kristen :)

  8. Barb Hackworth says:

    Love, love, love the deals I can find at TJ Maxx!

  9. Jessica T. says:

    My favorite fall trend are the jeans and awesome colors that have come out!

  10. My favorite fall trend is plaid! Fun!

  11. keely hostetter says:

    Jeans and a polo for my boys!

  12. My favorite fall trend are the bright cardigans with leggings.

  13. I think my favorite fall trend is the cute layering- especially with scarves for girls

  14. I love the layering in the fall. You can really find some cute pieces

  15. My favorite fall trend is houndstooth fabric especially those cute jackets for fall.

  16. Allison Downes says:

    I Love jeans and cardigans

    Allison Downes

  17. luckylifepath22 says:

    cowlneck sweaters! so cozy

  18. Cozy sweaters always feel like fall.

  19. My favorite fall trend would have to be all the bright stripes and plaids I’ve been seeing while doing back-to-school shopping. Thanks!

  20. stephanie miller says:

    the scarves that circle your neck, and the color purple!! love it!

  21. i like jeans and long shirts with tights

  22. Cuyler Lanier says:

    I like the new designs in sportswear.

  23. my favorite trend is jeans and boots. love my boots.

  24. Fall trend—leggings

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  25. Maria Gabriel says:

    I love hoodies and long-sleeved shirts… I’m a big fan of covering up so back-to-school is one of my favorite fashion times of the year!

  26. boots/////////////////////////////

  27. LOVE fall with Jeans, Boots, layering ! :)

  28. i like yellow for fall!:) color of the season!

  29. I love Marshall’s! I can get great clothes at a price that won’t bust my budget.

  30. EMMA L HORTON says:


  31. Favorite fall trend is slacks and an open dress shirt.

  32. LOIS PAYTON says:

    just jeats and a shirt, easy to take care off, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA’LL

  33. My fav fall trend is jeans..I love the variety this season some boot, flare and skinny.

  34. I think a great new trend is dresses with leggins! love them!
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  35. TJ Maxx is my FAVORITE store. I need to go there and look for a Fall suit to wear to work.

    I like the browns and tweeds–they look nice paired especially with blues. This is a trend that I hope doesn’t go away!

  36. I never have followed trends in my life. Clothing should be what makes a person comfortable and feel good about themselves. We homeschool. So, we don’t shop for back-to-school.

  37. Linda Lansford says:

    fave trend is bright colors

  38. Tunics/dresses with leggings, great for my little girl

  39. My favorite fall trend is slouchy cardigans

  40. I luv the skinny jeans and my daughter and i love the knee high converse!

  41. I love jackets and scarfs

  42. Kyl Neusch says:

    the tunic-length hoodies and fun leggings

  43. I like tights with a tunic sirt

  44. My favorite is jeans and sweaters.

  45. Loving skinny jeans for fall!


  47. Sandy Brown says:

    I like both the layered look and the skinny jeans

  48. I absolutely LOVE skinny jeans, tunic shirts, hoodies, and i like peace signs on my clothes…

  49. Hoodies!!! Never have enough. Love them!

  50. I love layering, with comfy sweaters! And boots~

  51. fave fall trend is Pippa Middleton type headbands (forgot their official name, but they are headbands that are rather large & extremely decorative).

  52. y favorite fall trend would have to be hoodies

  53. Patti Berry says:

    Always can find a great deal!

  54. karen mcmaster says:

    knee high boots that lace up. love them!!!!

  55. I like the layered look – plus it’s practical!

  56. Fall trends, I like the flowered skirts, crop tops, and boots (can you say 90′s).

  57. I like the cute little ruffle dresses.

  58. My favorite fall trend is the boots!

  59. I enjoy cargo pants and boots

  60. Allison Wilson says:

    I love the hoodies!

  61. Maxi dresses are my favorite trend.

  62. boots!

  63. Jennifer Marie says:

    I love boys polos and jeans!

  64. I like the girl’s shoes covered in flowers.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  65. Layered shirts and hoodies!

  66. My favorite fall trend is layering

  67. Sparkly shoes!

  68. I still love the layered look.
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  69. Carol Bryant says:

    Cooler weather and plaids.

  70. favorite fall trend are the bling-jackets!

  71. boots

  72. my favorite trend is scarves!

  73. Fall Trend, I would have to say buying school supplies and getting all fresh and ready for the fall semester.

  74. My favorite is the tried and true hoodie.


  75. My favorite fall trend are the boots.

  76. Leslie Price says:

    I love brown leather boots and leggings for back to school.

  77. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i love oversized sweater jackets

  78. Cute leather boots!

  79. Scarves

  80. I love both TJ Maxx and Marshalls= thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Kristie Wright says:

    My favorite fall trend is the ankle boots

  82. Michelle Espinoza says:

    new sweaters for fall.

  83. i love leggings!

  84. I’m loving the tunic sweaters!

  85. julie hawkins says:

    My favorite fall trend is ponchos

  86. Catherine L. Petersen Peters says:

    leggings and boots

  87. Jill Myrick says:

    I love that straight leg jeans and jeggings are back.


  88. I am like the grey and white striped shirts. Very smart looking.

  89. crystal faulk says:

    I love boots! :o)

  90. Totally into the stripes this season, looking forward to wearing some great sweaters!

  91. My favorite fall trends are peacoats and leather jackets.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  92. catherine lee says:

    they have nice fashion at good prices!

  93. I always like the new fall sweaters.

  94. the hoodies

  95. Would be nice to shop there and get something like a coat

  96. boots with long denim skirts

  97. Rebecca Peters says:

    I love cute boots

  98. scarfs and sweaters

  99. carolyn walker says:

    i love TJ MAXX

  100. Chase Taylor says:

    TJ MAXX is great!

  101. tracy gnann says:

    I loveeeeee TJ MAXX!!!

  102. Angela Winesburg says:

    My favorite fall trend is riding boots

  103. Barbara Bee says:

    Plaid! I love to see plaid every fall.

  104. Laura Emerson says:

    I love the bright blazers which really say Fall!

  105. I think cardigans are super cute!

  106. Shirley Pebbles says:

    I really just love to see sweaters coming back into fashion.

  107. sweaters are so comfy and cute in the fall!

  108. Mark McCarragher says:

    My wife shops at TJ Max all the time.

  109. My favorite fall trend is darker colors.

  110. I like plaid sweaters.

  111. I love the tunics with leggings for girls! SO cute!

    Dara Nix
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  112. Maxi-dresses!

  113. Love the skinny jeans and boots for fall!

  114. I love the neutral color sweater trend:)

  115. Samantha Miller says:

    jeans and a cute half sleeve shirt!

  116. Ann Marie Walker says:

    I like the leggins.. and the boot styles I’m seeing in the stores for this fall. They both remind of what I wore as a kid.

  117. I love leggings in the fall!

  118. Jeggings! My 8 year old is all over them for fall!

  119. Boots are my favorite trend for fall. I love to see whats new every year.

  120. Whitney Lindeman says:

    Riding pants are on trend for this fall, which I think is something cool and unique! I just bought some black skinny riding pants that I LOVE from Gap.

  121. Della Evans says:

    Cute Boots !!

  122. skinny jeans on boys!!! and leggings on girls!

  123. I love the COLORS this fall!!

  124. tracey byram says:

    I like the ankle boots trend and plaid.

  125. Fall colors!!

  126. I love being able to wear cardigans!

  127. My favorite Fall trend is long sleeve shirt with jeans and a scarf.

  128. TJ Maxx is a great store. I love the look of jeans with a pullover sweater.

  129. Stephanie Barmann says:

    Sweaters! I love them.

  130. I like you on FB

  131. Anastasia B says:

    Leggings with tunic sweaters for girls

  132. I love colorblocking!

  133. Nicole Larsen says:

    My favorite fall back to trend is boots :)

  134. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    Plaid! I love plaid!

    dwellenstein at cox dot et

  135. David Gossett says:

    I am not really up with the trends ;) but I am trying to win this for my daughters and I know they love their boots! It is a new pair every year. Thank you for the chance!

  136. crystal allen says:

    i love the bright and colorful socks that young girls are wearing, clallen at ntin dot net

  137. I like all the hoodies for little girls!

  138. my favorite fall trend is the triabl inspired prints

  139. the trend I like the best is Jeans and the new colors for fall, especially!

  140. I love boots and skinny jeans!!

  141. Tall boots is my favorite fall trend.

  142. Betty Curran says:

    I love the fall colors and the trend to wear more modest styles.

  143. My favorite trend are the boots!

  144. I love the layered look. Pretty dress button downs paired with a vest or tank style top over it.

  145. I love that Topsiders have made a come back!

  146. kim wachter says:

    Plaid! I love to see it. something about it says FALL. LOL thank you love you guys.

  147. Jeggings and boots with a great sweater!

  148. barbara hunt says:

    Thanks for the great contest!

  149. Gooey sweaters!

  150. Thanks for the giveaway…my daughters seem to be obsessed with sneakers this year !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  151. I like vests.

  152. My favorite fall trend is gold colors.
    Thanks for the contest.

  153. Yay! I’m so stoked that I won this! Can’t wait to go shop ;) Thanks for the giveaway, Jen!


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